Watch The White Right Fright Fight Against Oprah

The “Good Ol’ Boys” of the White Right (Or, more accurately, “the White Wrong.”) seem to be a mite bit frightened by the possibility of Oprah running for President!

Well, after all, she is one of “them.” In fact, she’s one of several “thems.”

  • She’s “Hollyweird;”
  • She’s a “Libtard;”
  • She’s got “Colorful Skin” and that color ain’t white;
  • And, worst of all, she’s a Gal!”

(If you think the troglodytes had conniption fits over Obama, at least he stands up when he takes a leak.)

Now, Oprah hasn’t said she’s running, but after her Golden Globes speach, the innerweb’s been all abuzz about the possibility.

The cons and pros of her candidacy are many, but that’s not the scope of this rant. I’m far more interested in the reactive ravings of the “Conspiracies-R-Us” set.

To avoid being too repetitious, (and because I’m almost out of Emetrol) I’ll confine it to a pair of loony tuners: Dave “Da Coach” Daubenmire and Alex “Conspiracy du jour” Jones.

First up is the idol of double-digit IQers everywhere (Including the Rump in the WHITE House):  Alex Jones.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have always broken down the fact that Oprah Winfrey is a top globalist, a top eugenicist, who pushes a one world religion through her private foundation. She’s even got a new age movie coming out to brainwash the children.

Well they’ve readied her to run against Trump in 2020 and to fire that campaign up in about a year. But we know the secrets about Oprah Winfrey that they don’t want you to know.

(Well, he does get daily dispatches from Planet Nibiru, with scoops on all the poop.)

We’re going to break down why Oprah Winfrey will never be elected president of the United States because of the skeletons in her closet.They want to call Trump a Nazi? Look out, lady, we know what you’re designed to do. You’re the black face to carry out the enslavement of black folks and everybody else.

That was yesterday [1/8/18]. Then, this morning [1/9/18], Da Coach added his 2/10ths of a cent worth:

But first, he took time to share his opinion of the Golden Globes,

The most absolute, unbelievable frontal assault on white Christian maleness that I have ever seen!

He don’t like it when men get called out for grabbing a bit of female anatomy. (After all, according to the “Good(?) Book,” women are men’s property in the first place.)

You tell me this is not orchestrated!

Yeah Dave, it was! If you ever watch the “fake news,” you’d know that it was an organized protest against sexual harrassment.

Then, on to Oprah:

Then Oprah gets up there and gives that talk and now they want Oprah to be president of the United States. Oprah Winfrey. Oprah. Oprah Winfrey.

Hollywood wants to give us her. The God-haters want to give us her.

He then ran a tape of an Oprah interview, in which she stated that whille things are slowly changing, a lot of people grew up being taught that only White is alright.

There are still generations of people, older people, who were born and bred and marinated in it – in that prejudice and racism – and they just have to die.

While, I’ll admit that “they just have to die” was probably not the best wording, a “normal person” would realize that she was talking them dieing off from old age.

Naturally, Dave, being the stuper thinker that he is, has doubts about that interpretation.

How are they gonna die? You just gonna let them die of old age, Oprah, if you get to be president of the United States? Hmm? You related in any way, you got any spirit in any way similar to Adolf Hitler and what he did over there? Is this just kind of reverse Nazism, Oprah?

See, folks, we’re getting all kinds of signals like this and we just ain’t taking them.

Like I said, there’s more of this pulsating pile of puke out there, but I’ve got to make a quick run to the pharmacy.

Stay tuned!

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