Nutcake: Las Vegas Massacre Was An ISIS Operation

Wayne Allyn Root is lying again! (Or, is that “still lying?”) Now he’s claiming that the murder of 59 concert go’ers was an ISIS operation.

For those of you not familiar with this particular troglodyte, Wayne Allyn was the Libertarian candidate for Veep, back in ’08. Nowadays, he pontificates for several journalistic jewels as “Townhall” and “The Moonie Times.”

Root is a Rump smoocher! (Right cheek only. He wouldn’t be caught dead having anything to do with the left.) This is the filbert who once declared that having Trump as president was equivalent of having a lusty wife that loves to do the horizontal tango seven days a week,

In the past, he’s also regaled us with his wisdom on

  • Getting involved with feminist type females. (It seems they have a predilection for chopping off your pee-pee.)
  • Liberals being mentally ill. (We’re out of our minds and we’re headed for civil war.)
  • His gift of prophecy. It seems he correctly predicted “100 out of 100” things including the Mexico City earthquake. (Of course, he made this claim after the earthquake.)
  • The need for conservatives to hire special forces operatives who “have killed people” to destroy liberal groups. (Good ol’ 2nd Amendment solution!)

The list goes on, but you get the idea.

I’ll say one thing for the Rootster, he tries to keep current. (Keeps the old donations flowing in, don’tcha know!)

Lately, the hottest action has been the Las Vegas Massacre. Every conspiracy nutball has dreamed up his own “nefarious plot” in the battle for the Benjamins. (You didn’t think they all do this as a public service did you?)

And, credit where credit is due. Root’s come up with one of the better (It resonates well with the “tinfoil toupee” crowd.) and nuttier. (It makes absolutely no sense.)

ISIS, their fingerprints were all over this thing. This is what I said from the first second and GQ and the Washington Post and Slate magazine and Time magazine and 20 others tried to destroy me and wipe my career off the face of the earth. It really didn’t matter—I gave them the middle finger and told them to go screw themselves because I don’t care what they think.”

That was on his program on Tuesday, [10/10/18]. Of course, he didn’t have a damn bit of proof of his ISIS claim, but what’s that got to do with it?

Anyway, he was just getting started.

I have nothing to worry about so I laugh in their liberal commie faces, their liberal commie Muslim-sympathizer faces. “Screw you! Come and get me. Screw you.

Don’tcha love it when they try to toss a bunch of their “insults” in a bag even though those insults do not work well together? (I’m surprised he didn’t use “socialist-fascist.”)

They tried to destroy me and if it turns out to be ISIS, you better all lawyer up because we’re coming after you with the best lawyer gunslingers in the world. I’ll be hiring Donald Trump’s lawyers to come after you and destroy you. I will own the Washington Post [for] the way you tried to slander me when all I did was report the truth.

Root seems to be a bit confused. (Whodathunkit?) First he says he’going get “the best lawyer gunslingers in the world.” Then he goes on to say “I’ll be hiring Donald Trump’s lawyers.” Earth to the Rootster: From all indications so far, “the best lawyer gunslingers” and “Trump’s lawyers” are at opposite ends of the spectrum.

Stay tuned!


Featured Image Credit: Gage Skidmore

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Wingnut: Hillary Should Be Hung, But Is Blackmailing FBI (VIDEO) (AUDIO)

071414_ff_war_640In honor of “Fruitcake Season,” may I introduce you to one of the bigger filberts in the cake mix: Wayne Allyn Root. Root is a “Jew for Jesus.” He was born Jewish, then born again as a “Christian” (Faux Division).

Root kicked off his media career as an ersatz sports handicapper. According to one of his employees at the time,

He doesn’t even bet the games he gives to his clients…The picks were losing so bad during the four months I was there that guys were giving out what they liked…Wayne was a bigger liar than the salesman. If he had a newspaper guy on the phone he would say stuff that was totally untrue.

As we shall see, not a lot has changed in the “totally untrue” department.

He later moved to the Financial News Network back when it was a money losing, minor league operation. Reeling from accounting disputes and financial scandals, FNN was sold to CNBC in 1991

The self-professed “long-time Republican” dumped the party in 2007 to join the Libertarian Party. He was the 2008 LP vice presidential candidate alongside Libertarian nominee Bob Barr. The pair ended up with 523,715 votes. (Obama won with 69,498,516) Root claims Obama won because,

Democratic voters across this country are voting four times, five times, 10 times each for the Democrats.

In 2012, he dumped and jumped again, this time back to the Republican Party.

Since then, he’s been a frequent contributor to such journalistic embarrassments as,,, &

In November of last year, he called (for the umpteeth time) for Obama’s impeachment in the wake of the Iran Accords and his immigration actions, which he claimed would “legalize 34 million.” (Actually, it was more like 5 million that Obama was shielding.)

If he does that, don’t we then have to do instant impeachment? I mean, there’s no choice at that point. You can’t tell me that will break the nation apart, there’s no excuse.

This June, after the Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare in King v. Burwell, Root tweeted,

Time to question Justice Roberts’ decisions. Just like John Boehner, I now believe Justice Roberts has been blackmailed or intimidated.

In July he speculated that Obama told Hillary that if she would support the Iran Accords, he and (the no longer existent) ACORN would steal the 2016 elections for her. He even dreamed up an imaginary conversation between the two.

If you go along with this, I’ll help you steal the election like I did in 2012. I’ll get my old pals from ACORN back together again, the old gang is back, and we will steal states with weak voter ID laws, we’ll have illegal aliens voting, we’ll figure out ways to stuff the ballot box in inner cities so that more people vote than are registered to vote in that district. We will figure out a way to steal you the election the same way we stole it for me.

In October, he claimed credit for Trump’s tax plan. (Like that’s a good thing or something.)

I do know that I emailed him what I thought the tax plan should be for America and his new tax plan was out last week and I thought it was fantastic and it was pretty damn close to what I recommended.
Yesterday, 912/13) he decided that Hillary needed hanging, but there must be more blackmailing going on.

Can you imagine a Republican secretary of state working for a Republican president starting a foundation for charity that collects money from foreign governments by the hundreds of millions and billions and then takes the money and hands out government contracts to the same country that made the contribution from the State Department? That’s not a criminal offense, that’s a hanging, treasonous offense…

I believe we’ve got massive blackmail going on in the United States government. The NSA, the IRS, their goal is to find out everything about Republicans — not everybody, Republicans.
Is [FBI Director] Comey susceptible to that? I have no idea, but I certainly have my suspicions about the Supreme Court justice of the United States voting twice for Obamacare.