Wingnut Outraged About Gay Couple On Star Trek

A gay couple on Star Trek? Oh the HORROR!!!

Evidently, that’s what’s on the menu in the new “Star Trek: Discovery(Quick disclaimer: I haven’t had the chance to watch the series yet, but I’ll catch up with it this evening.)

Homophobic troglodytes are outraged! At least one of them, anyway. Some dude named Peter LaBarbera, president of a group called “Americans for Truth About Homosexuality.”

A bit of background:

What are “the truths” about homosexuality? (h/t to RationalWiki for conveniently listing them.)

  • The biggest truth is that gays can be converted to straights by God’s love…Of course, it does not matter that the newly “straight” people are depressed, living lies, and even sometimes suicidal.
  • Gays are out to take over the world…The homo-facism must be stopped — they are teaching our children to respect each other regardless of things like who they love.
  • Gays are always invading schools, the centerpiece of their homosexual indoctrination scheme.
  • That we need your donation to do our good work.
  • That the gays are invading our churches, turning good churches into “sin-loving churches.”
  • That they are invading our politics. There are now three openly gay members of Congress. And you need to learn how to spot the gay in politics. Buy our book and we will tell you how.
  • That your taxes subsidize the Homosexual Agenda

(Oh, and the Southern Poverty Law Center has named “Americans for Truth About Homosexuality” a Hate Group.)

Now that the back has been grounded, on with the subject of today’s rant.

Last week, [9/26/17] LaBarbera went on VCY America to piss and moan about the Star Trek situation.

The homosexual activists are never satisfied, they always want more, more, more.

Actually, all they really want is to love and marry whoever they choose and to have the same rights and protections as the “straight” community!

We have yet to see an ex-gay, a former homosexual prominently portrayed in Hollywood.

That might be because there is no such animal as an ex-gay. There are homosexuals who no longer paractice homosexuality, but if you’re gay, you’re gay till the day you die! Homosexuality is NOT medical or mental! It’s more genetic in nature

I guess all we can do is not watch Star Trek. This sort of propaganda and political correctness is why Trump won in the first place.

From mounting evidence it’s looking like Trumps election had a hell of a lot more to do with criminal interference than “political correctness.”

Remember, the other side never stops fighting. There is a battle between good and evil in this country.

He got the “good and evil” part right, it’s just that he gets the sides mixed up.

But, the Star Trek rant was just part of LaBarbera’s message. He also urged his fellow troglodytes to put pressure on politicians to enforce Rump’s ban on transgenders in the military.

And, he wants the “very, very dangerousEquality Act killed because, if passed, it “would make it easier for homosexual activists and liberal attorneys to persecute people of faith for opposing this juggernaut which calls itself ‘gay.’

Stay tumed!


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