Poor Trump! Picked On Because He’s A White Dude

Trump -DonkeyHoteyRush (Has anybody seen my meds?) Limbaugh has figured out the problem with Donald Trump’s (aka “Herr Rump,” aka “Duh Fuhrer”) presidency.

It isn’t that he’s a bigoted, narcissistic, autocrat wannabe, who has the mental maturity of a five-year-old and totally out of his depth. Nah, nothing like that. The problem is, that he’s WHITE! (Gasp! Who knew? All this time I thought he was orange!)

You see, according to Limbough’s  thinking, (I can’t believe I’m using “Limbaugh” and “thinking” in the same sentence.) Herr Rump wouldn’t have any problems if only he were Black like Obama. (Technical point: Obama’s only half Black, but according to the right-wing mental midgets, if you have more than two drops of blood originating in Africa, you’re Black, baby!)

You all remember how congress and the press bent over backwards to give the “Big O” everything he wanted. Well, Pepperidge Farm, I mean Rush Limbaugh remembers.

[Obama was] the first African-American president. You have everybody falling all over themselves to acknowledge that, to reward that. Obama was going to get everything he wanted in the first year because if anybody opposed it, they were going to be accused of being a racist or bigot or who knows what.

Oh, and all this nonsense about the Trump-Putin connection? According to the “missing meds man,”

It’s absurd. There is no evidence. Zilch. Zero. Nada…Who is driving this business that the Russians hacked the elections? It’s the Democrat [SIC] Party, it’s Hillary, it’s Obama, it’s all those people who just can’t accept they lost.

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Is Obama The Anti-Christ Lord Of The Flies?

130125obamaEver had a fly land on you? If so, YOU MAY BE THE ANTI-CHRIST!

At least, that’s the word according to the Khristian tinfoil toupee set. However, I wouldn’t get too excited if I were you. They seem to have reserved that honor for “The Son of Perdition,” or as you know him, President Barack Obama.

I first ran across this pile of donkey droppings on WND (World Net Daily, or as I call it, Weird Nuts Drooling) back in 2013. It seemed to be a “hot topic” (no plug intended) as the mental midgets at Druge Sludge even posted a YouTube video on it.

As to the “Anti-Christ” aspect, that keeps rearing its ugly mug. I’ve even written a couple of posts on it already.

In October of 2014, I did a post on a self-proclaimed bible “expert” by the name of Jonathan Matthew Wright claimed to have discovered secret prophesies about Obama by utilizing the Bible Code. (The real(?) one, not the book.) At one point, Jonny visited noted filbert, Rick Wiles, to discuss his “findings.”

Wiles: Either Barack Obama is the Man of Sin or he is strongly connected to the Man of Sin or the spirit of Antichrist.
Wright: That’s right. Those are my only — I’ve tried to look at this as an investigation not with an agenda, by the way, but what I’ve come up with those have to be the possibilities. Let’s just face it, he’s got a ring on that says, ‘There’s no God but Allah and Mohammad is his Messenger.’ Now, by definition, that’s Antichrist.

Yeah, about that “Anti-Christ” ring thingy. Seems it may not be that at all. Check out what Snopes.com had to say about that (including a high-def pic of the ring) and decide for yourself.

Then, last year, Weird Nuts Drooling found even more proof that the Big O is the Anti-Christ. It seems, to them anyway, that if you take a word from the New Testament and translate it back to Aramaic and then take a word from the Old Testament and translate it back and then combine the words, you’ve discovered the true name (sort of) of the anti-Christ. (I don’t make this stuff up folks, my mind isn’t that off-kilter.)

There’s even a video to guide you through this nonsense:

Check out my post on this prodigious pile of pucky.

Flash forward to this week and they’re still beatin’ on that dead nag. Oh, and the flies are back. (But, you’d expect that with a deceased horse.) Monday, Alex Jones had James David Manning on as a guest. You might remember Pastor Manning from some of his anti-gay tirades, but that wasn’t the purpose of this visit.

Nope, it was that moldy, oldie, Obama is the Anti-Christ, or at least the precursor. As Jones put it, ”



ps: I got curious as to why flies land on people, but instead of checking the “holey book,” I asked Google and found out that flies land on a person’s face or elsewhere on the body because they seek moisture and salts that accumulate on the skin. Looks like it doesn’t have a thing to do with “Beelzebub.”

Wing-Nut Rick Wiles: Numerology Proves Obama Killed Scalia

maxresdefaultWithin hours of Scalia’s death, the wing-nuts on the right have been screaming that the chain-smoking, alcohol-indulging, over-weight, 79-year-old troglodyte couldn’t possibly have died of natural causes. However, the latest filbert fantasy is really out there in “La-La Land.”

Rick Wiles has just “proved” that Obama killed Scalia in a pagan sacrifice. You may remember Ricky from his prediction, last May, that if SCOTUS approved marriage equality, Big Daddy would send a fireball to destroy us. (Still waiting, Rickster!) And how, you ask, did he find evidence to back up this nutticism?

I’m glad you asked. It seems it’s all in the numbers.

Monday, on little Ricky’s radio fiasco “Trunews,”  he broke the news to the world that Obama murdered Scalia as part of Lupercalia. Lupercalia, for those of you not hip to pagan holidays, is observed on Feb 13th to the 15th, and is supposed to avert evil spirits and purify the city, releasing health and fertility. Scalia, of course, was the human sacrifice to accomplish this. Not sure which city this was supposed to purify. (If it was Washington D.C., it probably helped a bit.)

More than that, this ritual sacrifice also marked the beginning of the country being ruled by our pagan fascist overlords. The Big O being one of them, I assume.

In events like this, according to Ricky, “There’s always human sacrifice involved.

As for his “by the numbers” rationale, Ricky had this to say,
The 13th was the 44th day of 2016, Obama is the 44th president of the United States, so you have this numerology thing taking place.

Oh, and that pillow-over-the-head thingy that has been previously used to prove foul play? (As opposed to my doing that to block out light and sound during naps.)

…deliberately left the pillow on his face as a message to everybody else: ‘Don’t mess with us, we can murder a justice and get away with it.’ And I assure you, there’s a lot of frightened officials in Washington today, deep down they know, the regime murdered a justice… This is the way a dictatorial, fascist, police state regime takes control of a nation…The day the justice died, the day justice in America died, they got away with it.

According to the Rickster’s gut rumblings,

We’re being sucked into a police state where anybody who opposes this regime will be at risk of extermination…Like the Soviet Union in Stalin’s day, it’s like any police state and now we’re in it.
Ricky, with the aid of his over-inflated ego, has also figured out who the next victim is – him!
It was a message to everybody out there: ‘Don’t mess with us.’ That’s the message. And it’s a message to people like me.

He neglected to mention whether this was supposed to happen before or after our meeting with the heavenly fireball.

Stay tuned!

Scalia’s Death? It’s OBAMA’S FAULT! (VIDEOS)

Its-all-thatUnless you’ve been snow-camping this weekend, you’re probably aware that SCOTUS’s #1 troglodyte, Antonin Scalia, is no longer among the breathing. (Better late than never, I guess.)

The facts of the case are simple and straightforward: After a day spent murdering small birds, Scalia decided to take a nap after din-din. It turned out to be a permanent nap, brought on by a heart attack. (To me, this was a bit surprising, since I’d never seen any indications that he even had a heart.)

As I stated, those are the facts. But, then again, what do facts have to do with the fervent, faulty, fevered, fantasies of the filberts? Almost immediately after Scalia’s death was announced, the thought(?) leaders of the bullshit bubble brigade resorted to their favorite mantra: IT’S OBAMA’S FAULT!

Let’s start with Glenn “Conspiracies-R-Me” Beck’s biggest competition in the wacky theory department: Alex Jones.

The question is, was Antonin Scalia murdered? And the answer to that is, has the Bill of Rights and Constitution been murdered? Has it been reported that members of the Supreme Court have been blackmailed? Yes it has.

When they kill somebody they say, ‘it appears to be natural causes, nothing to see.’

And I wish it was natural cause, but man, my gut tells me no. And if this is an assassination, this signifies that they are dropping the hammer.

This theme was quickly picked up be even dimmer bulbs.

Other voices around the innernuts chimed in. Here’s some round brown droppings from some dud who calls himself NatureHacker,

This is a white house president government coverup. The fbi and cia with barack are probably involved. mercury nitrate may have been the poison of choice at dinner or the sulfate with lead, cadmium, radium, plutonium, uranium, or organophosphate. Roundup is an organophosphate that could have been used by leonard nimoy. This justice was killed and found dead. He died of a premeditated murder. Another term for this is that he was assasinated for his spot in the supreme court to be appointed by a liberal.

(Sounds more like a “NatureWhacker” to me. Oh, and btw, It couldn’t have been Leonard Nimoy. It’s a little hard to pull something like that off when you’re six feet under.)

And, of course, the twitterverse filberts joined the chorus, mostly blaming the Big O:


2016-02-14_0-05-022016-02-13_23-53-07Or, maybe if it wasn’t Obama, it was Hillary!
 Or maybe he was offed as part of the great liberal conspiracy.
2016-02-14_0-02-15 And then, there’s always the possibility that Obama had his Islamic buds do the dirty deed.2016-02-13_23-50-40
That’s just in the first 12 hours or so, folks. We haven’t heard too much of Bullshit Mtn’s take on all this, but I have the feeling they won’t try to suppress any of this nonsense.  And, speaking of nonsense, here’s one last brown nugget:

Wingnut: Hillary Should Be Hung, But Is Blackmailing FBI (VIDEO) (AUDIO)

071414_ff_war_640In honor of “Fruitcake Season,” may I introduce you to one of the bigger filberts in the cake mix: Wayne Allyn Root. Root is a “Jew for Jesus.” He was born Jewish, then born again as a “Christian” (Faux Division).

Root kicked off his media career as an ersatz sports handicapper. According to one of his employees at the time,

He doesn’t even bet the games he gives to his clients…The picks were losing so bad during the four months I was there that guys were giving out what they liked…Wayne was a bigger liar than the salesman. If he had a newspaper guy on the phone he would say stuff that was totally untrue.

As we shall see, not a lot has changed in the “totally untrue” department.

He later moved to the Financial News Network back when it was a money losing, minor league operation. Reeling from accounting disputes and financial scandals, FNN was sold to CNBC in 1991

The self-professed “long-time Republican” dumped the party in 2007 to join the Libertarian Party. He was the 2008 LP vice presidential candidate alongside Libertarian nominee Bob Barr. The pair ended up with 523,715 votes. (Obama won with 69,498,516) Root claims Obama won because,

Democratic voters across this country are voting four times, five times, 10 times each for the Democrats.

In 2012, he dumped and jumped again, this time back to the Republican Party.

Since then, he’s been a frequent contributor to such journalistic embarrassments as FoxNews.com, TheBlaze.com, Townhall.comBreitbart.com, Dailycaller.com & Newsmax.com.

In November of last year, he called (for the umpteeth time) for Obama’s impeachment in the wake of the Iran Accords and his immigration actions, which he claimed would “legalize 34 million.” (Actually, it was more like 5 million that Obama was shielding.)

If he does that, don’t we then have to do instant impeachment? I mean, there’s no choice at that point. You can’t tell me that will break the nation apart, there’s no excuse.

This June, after the Supreme Court ruling on ObamaCare in King v. Burwell, Root tweeted,

Time to question Justice Roberts’ decisions. Just like John Boehner, I now believe Justice Roberts has been blackmailed or intimidated.

In July he speculated that Obama told Hillary that if she would support the Iran Accords, he and (the no longer existent) ACORN would steal the 2016 elections for her. He even dreamed up an imaginary conversation between the two.

If you go along with this, I’ll help you steal the election like I did in 2012. I’ll get my old pals from ACORN back together again, the old gang is back, and we will steal states with weak voter ID laws, we’ll have illegal aliens voting, we’ll figure out ways to stuff the ballot box in inner cities so that more people vote than are registered to vote in that district. We will figure out a way to steal you the election the same way we stole it for me.

In October, he claimed credit for Trump’s tax plan. (Like that’s a good thing or something.)

I do know that I emailed him what I thought the tax plan should be for America and his new tax plan was out last week and I thought it was fantastic and it was pretty damn close to what I recommended.
Yesterday, 912/13) he decided that Hillary needed hanging, but there must be more blackmailing going on.

Can you imagine a Republican secretary of state working for a Republican president starting a foundation for charity that collects money from foreign governments by the hundreds of millions and billions and then takes the money and hands out government contracts to the same country that made the contribution from the State Department? That’s not a criminal offense, that’s a hanging, treasonous offense…

I believe we’ve got massive blackmail going on in the United States government. The NSA, the IRS, their goal is to find out everything about Republicans — not everybody, Republicans.
Is [FBI Director] Comey susceptible to that? I have no idea, but I certainly have my suspicions about the Supreme Court justice of the United States voting twice for Obamacare.

Rick Santorum’s Back to Halt the Nazification of America.

120105_santorum_professor_aRejoice, dear brothers and sisters. In our time of need. In the hour of our greatest danger. A hero has emerged!


Look! Up there on the hill crest, sitting tall on his great white stallion (facing the rear), it’s “the guy from god”, Saint Orum (known to non-“true believers” as Rick Santorum). He’s girding his loins and appears to be preparing to seek the presidency and lead a crusade to save us all from our plunge into Nazism.


Hmmm. All this time, I thought Obama was steering us toward socialism. That’s a totally different direction.

Oh wait, I know what it is. Someone told Saint Orum that Hitler’s party was named  Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers’ Party). So, naturally it was socialist.  (Of course, by the same reasoning, The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a democratic republic.)

The Nazis were fascists, not socialists. There’s a hell of a difference between the two. You’d think someone who wants to deal on the international stage would have at least passed Poly Sci 101.

As for socialism being a great political evil, check out my post on “The Scurge(?) or Scourge(?) of Socialism” before you accept the image as expressed by the politically stupid. I think the post may contain a few surprises for you. It certainly did for me.

Anyway, I guess the boogeyman du jour is now Nazism (fascism???).u3YYqmqyBOwNever fear brethren and sisthren! (Is that a word?) Just like Mighty Mouse, Super Saint Orum is “Here to save the day!”

Yes, once again, just like the Blues Brothers, Saint Orum is on a “mission from god”

“I’m trying to walk down a path that God is leading me. I figured if this is what he is calling me to do, then I just have to go out and work hard”

If you’re new to paying attention to politics or just in case you have a masochistic streak, you can find a bit of background on the saint on my The Tea Potty (pt 10: Clowns & Commodians cont.) post. (The post title should give you some indication of the esteem in which I hold Saint Orum.)

Fun Fact: He’s one of four Repugnut primary clowns (‘MotherMichelle Bachmann and HermanHave you seen my salami?Cain, as well as RickCuz’n RickiePerry and the saint) that claimed Big Daddy told them to run. You might have noticed that they all lost. (Goes towards proving my “god is a practical joker” hypothesis.)

Last time around he was leading the crusade to expose the evils of contraception (and that thing that gays do). But, it’s his latest crusade that brings us together today. (Or, whatever day you’re reading this.)

Saint Orum recently paid a visit to the fine homophobic folks at the Christian Post to hype his latest project, a “documentary” on religious persecution in the good ol’ U.S. of A.. He took the opportunity to expound on a vision he had of ‘Merica’s possible future that plumb scared his bowels empty.

“If we continue down this path, things are not going to get better and the chance of something really bad beginning to happen, where your faith is really constrained, or your lives are really in danger becomes a possibility down the road.”

What is this vision of horror that gets his undies dirty? Well, he thinks it’s very possible that we may be morphing into Nazi Germany. (Or his version of it, anyway.)

He started the interview  with a bit of historical revisionism on German religious persecution, before and after Uncle Adolf took over.

“People don’t realize that, you know, Germany prior to the Nazis was a very religious country. It was a very Christian country. It was a very sophisticated country… and the idea that you could have this type of religious persecution take place over 10 years; Christians — Jews obviously — but also Christians being put to death… was unfathomable!”

He insinuates that religious persecution began with the Nazis, totally ignoring the fact that Germans slaughtering Jews goes back to the 14th Century. He also insinuates that the Nazis weren’t Christian, which is totally false. There were some Aryan occultists, but Hitler and almost all Germans, Nazis or not, were Christian. As to the Christians that were persecuted? It was far more likely that they were persecuted because they were also gypsies or some other group that Uncle Adolf didn’t care for.

If you have the stomach for it, here’s the whole interview.

Anyway, all of this scary stuff (in his head) is forcing him to consider throwing his helmet back in the ring for another go-around. Besides, maybe Big Daddy told him to run again.

Oh, and lest you forget the ‘holy grails’ of his previous crusade, he still thinks contraceptives are evil and that “gay thing” will send you to hell. Although, he’d settle for prison. (Yeah, that’s the key to the “straight life”! Ain’t no homosexuality in prisons, by gum!)

So, stay tuned, ye fans of silly twits. The 2016 election cycle commenced with the Hawaiian poll closings and the clown car is now ready for boarding.