Former Disney Sculptor Creates an Anatomically Correct(?) Trump Troll Doll (NSFW)

Everybody’s least favorite web troll, Donald Trump, (aka “Herr Rump,” aka “Duh Fuhrer”) now has a doll in his image. And, fittingly, it’s a troll doll.

Careful thought was put into the details, from it’s blond mop, swept to the side to cover the tinfoil, to it’s miniature middle extremity. It even has a tiny little cell phone clutched in its tiny little hands.The only thing it doesn’t have is a “lie track,” since it doesn’t speak. But somehow, I don’t think that’s going to be missed very much.

The five inch doll is the brain child of ex-Disney sculptor, Chuck Williams.

Earlier this month, Mr. Williams started a Kickstarter campaign to raise $38,000 to start mass producing the dolls. As he stated on the site,

I want to make this figure widely available to everyone around the world that has taken a liking to my caricature sculpture and to do that I need your help to cover the costs of making the production molds and castings as well as the freight costs from the toy factory,

As of this writing, (2/22/17) over 3667 people had invested $162,481.

As to when the dolls will hit the market? According to Mr. Williams’ statement on Kickstarter,

The vinyl figures will be turned around as soon as I can get the factory on board and fulfilling the orders. I allowed a year for this under the Kickstarter protocol but I will do everything I can to make them available in a few months.

Stay tuned!

Featured Image Credit: Chuck Williams – Twitter.