2nd Amendment Nitwit Challenged Daughter To A Gun Fight

gun-449783_960_720Gun fights are fun to watch in the movies. Two cowpokes facing each other at high noon on a dusty western street in front of the Long Branch Saloon: great fun!

Gun fights in real life: not quite the jollies. Especially between a deranged dad and a daughter.

Raising children can be difficult at times. Anyone who’s ever had teenagers particularly, can testify to that. I raised three of them myself and somehow we all managed to survive. They evolved into kind, loving, productive adults and the only harm I suffered was a batch of grey hairs. But, let’s be honest, not every adult is a capable of handling the job.

Photo Credit: El Paso County Sheriff's Office

Photo Credit: El Paso County Sheriff’s Office

Case in point: Robert Williams, a 38 year old “man” who probably should never have been allowed to reproduce. (That’s him in the mug shot on the right.)

According to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office, on June 1, 2016, at approximately 7:30 PM, deputies were dispatched to a shooting in the 6200 block of South Calhan Road. (A rural area to the east of Colorado Springs, Colorado.)

Upon arrival, the deputies were told that this deranged dad had let an argument with his under-aged daughter escalate to the point in which he pulled out a gun and pointed it at his wife and daughter.

He then instructed his daughter to go get another gun that he had stashed in the house so they could resolve their issues with a duel.

After she got the gun, he fired a shot at her and missed. She returned fire, but also missed. As his daughter and wife fled the house, this idiot went out to the shed and grabbed a shotgun, which he then pointed pointed at his wife. She grabbed it away from him and took the children to a neighbor’s house and called 911.

Mr Williams was booked into the Criminal Justice Center on two counts of Felony Menacing, Prohibited Use of a Weapon and Child Abuse. (Not sure why Attempted Murder was not among the charges.)