Was Las Vegas Massacre Carried Out By ‘A Gay/Lesbian Nazi Regime?

Rick Wiles is at it again with a doozy.

A week or so ago (10/13/17, to be exact) the Rickster went on his very inappropriately named “Trunews” to declare that the Las Vegas massacre was the work of “global government,” top secret “death squad!”

What we have in America is a death squad, there are multiple death squads. There is a top secret death squad operating in the United States of America and only a very small number of people at the top of the food chain, the ruling class in this country, know about the existence of this death squad. That’s what’s happening and they’re carrying out these atrocities.

I think that there is a government beyond the government that we all know about. There is a government that is higher than the U.S. government. It’s hidden, it’s secret, it rules; they have vast amounts of money that comes through illicit drug sales, pornography, human trafficking and they’re financing this super secret government. They have their own judicial system, they have their own laws for their own elite members. They’ve got killing teams. It’s very, very dangerous right now.

On the 18th, he doubled down, claiming that Henry Kissinger was involved.

Henry Kissinger is the secretary of state of the New World Order. There is a secret shadow government, it has its own infrastructure, its own courts, its own laws, its own structures, its own prisons…

(I always thought the NWO was a kayfabe faction in the old WCW.)

Anyway, according to Rick, one of the aforementioned “death squad” targets was Judge Scalia.

If they ever act like they’re the real government, the death squads will show up. Ask Judge Scalia what happens. You’ll have a pillow case put over your face and they’ll carry your body away and U.S. marshals won’t even get your body, somebody else will take your body, they’ll never call the police.

But wait! There’s more! (And, this is even doozier!)

It turns out, according to the Rickster, that the NWO is “a gay/lesbian Nazi regime.” He knows this because the Mandalay Bay security guard who encountered the shooter showed up on Ellen DeGeneres‘ show. (And, she’s a lesbian!)

We’re in a fascist Nazi police state! There will be a day that they tell law enforcement [officers] to execute your children right in front of you and they will do it.

America has become a Nazi state. The deep state is a Nazi state. That is why Campos appeared on a daytime talk show hosted by a fast-talking, dancing comedienne, and, let me add, a lesbian, because this Nazi regime is a gay/lesbian Nazi regime, just like Nazis in Hitler’s day. Hitler was a bisexual, the top Nazi leaders of the Nazi party were homosexuals. The Nazi takeover of Germany was a militant homosexual fascist takeover; that is what is taking place in America today.

(Sorry, I just can’t think of a snark nearly as hilarious as the preceding.)

Stay tuned. (I’m sure there’s a steady stream of stupid still to come.)


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