Is Stopping Abortions More Important Than Nuclear War?

fema_-_2720_-_photograph_by_fema_news_photoFrank Pavone is a Catholic priest. He’s also the head of a charity, Priests for Life. As a charity, Priests of Life only rates one star (out of four) from Charity Navigator. But, that’s not what this rant is about. As head of Priests for Life, Franky’s had more than one run-in with the church over his handling of the group’s finances. But, once again, that’s not what this rant is about.

It seems Franky is a bit of a one-issue filbert. The issue is abortion and NO, he’s not in favor of it.

In the past, he’s compared the President of Planned Parenthood speaking at Georgetown University to inviting ISIS, drug dealers or the mob, to speak.

He’s also compared abortion to terrorism.

I always go back to the position I have, is that if a candidate came up and said, ‘I support terrorism,’ you know, the conversation stops there. You don’t ask them, you don’t start comparing other positions, other issues. You support terrorism, you’re out. And abortion is no better than terrorism, in fact it’s worse.

He’s compared legal abortion to atomic blasts.

Right now, we have a raging holocaust going on, and it’s not ‘maybe’ and it’s not ‘potential’ and it’s not ‘maybe we’re going to kill these families’ or ‘maybe we’re going to drop an atomic bomb.’ It’s like several atomic bombs have already gone off on our own soil when it comes to just the sheer numbers.

And then last week, he outdid himself when he appeared on the Catholic radio network, “Relevant Radio.” The host, Drew Mariani, mistakenly claimed that Tim Kaine predicted that the Church will change its stance on abortion. Franky had a ready response.

It was such a disservice to the Church. I mean, he represents a brand of thinking, we find it in the Church, we even find it among some clergy, you know, talk about social justice but ignore the core of social justice, which is the right to life. You cannot be right on these other issues, whether it’s poverty, immigration, war and peace, homelessness, health care—let me make a very clear statement here: Not only is abortion a more important and weighty issue than all these other issues and not only is it more important that someone be right on abortion than they be right on these other issues, but I will say it this way, you cannot be right on these other issues if you are wrong on abortion.


Oh, and btw, Franky’s a Trump Chump. Although, interestingly enough, he compares him to an out-of-control train.

Here’s the analogy I’ve been using for folks to consider: It’s like being on a runaway train. Let’s presume, it’s an odd situation, but let’s presume that you’re at the controls of a runaway train. And the train cannot be stopped and you know that at the end of the track it’s going to do damage, so you can’t stop the train. But supposed the only thing you could do is to switch the track that the train is on so that at the end of Track A it’s going to kill 10 people and at the end of Track B it’s going to kill 100 people. Now, you don’t want to kill anybody. Nobody wants to kill anybody. But you can’t stop the train.

So, what are you going to do? Are you going to say, ‘Oh, I’m not going to do anything’? Or are you going to do your best to switch it to the track where it’s going to do less damage. Now, some people say, ‘I don’t want to kill 10 people and I don’t want to kill 100 people, so I’m not going to do anything.’ Yeah, but if the train is on the track, then, to do the more damage, don’t you share responsibility for not doing something to try to minimize the damage?

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Louie Gohmert: Hate Crime Laws Turn The U.S. Into Nazi Germany

8566258387_192a1493fc_bMy favorite Texas filbert (and there are sooo many to choose from) is back in the news cycle. Loony Louie Gohmert spoke at the Values(?) Voters Summit joining such low light luminaries as disgraced ex-congressperson Michele Bachmann, (Tehran) Tom Cotton, Ollie North (of selling arms to Iran fame), Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson and everybody’s least favorite hairball and Putin lover, The DONALD!

Those of you who are not into unintentional political humor, may not be hip to Loony Louie, so a bit of intro may be in order:

  • In 2010, on the House floor, he claimed terrorists were getting women pregnant, then shipping them to the US, so they could give birth to “anchor babies.” Then after twenty to thirty years they can grow up and be trained as terrorists and blow up the country.
  • He’s claimed that Islamists are sneaking into the US, masquerading as Hispanics.
  • He’s linked marriage equality to bestiality and polygamy. And, btw, gay Boy Scouts lead to pedophilia.
  • He’s said John McCain is an al Qaeda fanboy.
  • He’s opposed to vaccines because liberal elites are using them to cull the earth’s population in order to preserve natural resources

There’s a hell of a lot more, but you get the idea.

Back to the Values(?) Voters Summit. Quite a bit has been written about Loony Louie’s claim, during his speech, that Hillary is “mentally impaired.”

A true believer does what Jesus did … you don’t make fun of people who are impaired, have special needs, and whether you like her or not, Hillary Clinton’s made clear, she is mentally impaired.


Now, I’ll grant you that Loony Louie may be somewhat of an expert in “mentally impaired,” being that he’s a prime example thereof. But, nobody who has ever dealt with Hillary can ever truthfully claim that she lacks mental faculties. She’s one of the most intelligent, disciplined and driven people in American politics today.

However, that statement, stupid as it was, is not the subject of today’s rant.

Soon after his “mentally impaired” projection, Loony Louie harked back to a statement he made when he was battling against the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr., Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009.

If you’re oriented toward animals, bestiality, then, you know, that’s not something that can be used, held against you or any bias be held against you for that. Which means you’d have to strike any laws against bestiality, if you’re oriented toward corpses, toward children, you know, there are all kinds of perversions, […] pedophiles or necrophiliacs or what most would say is perverse sexual orientations. […] But people have always been willing to give up their liberties, their freedoms in order to gain economic stability. It happened in 1920 and 1930’s. Germany gave up their liberties to gain economic stability and they got a little guy with a mustache, who was the ultimate hate monger. And this is scary stuff we’re doing here when we take away what has traditionally been an important aspect of moral teaching in America.

If you have a supply of Emetrol handy, here’s the whole rant:

Well, it’s been seven years and while Trump seems a bit similar to the mustached menace, he’s not in charge (although Loony Louie plans on voting for the hairball). And, so far, pedophilia, necrophilia and a lot of other “phalias” are still very much illegal.

However, like every true Regressive troglodyte, Loony Louie never lets minor details like “facts” get in his way. He insisted he totally called it right down the line. Of course, he didn’t mention a single instance where this is the case.

He then went on to state that SCOTUS established secular humanism as the official government religion. Not only that, but Hillary is bent on “taking away your freedom of speech and allowing that part of the Muslim Brotherhood plan, subjugating the U.S. Constitution to Sharia law.

I have never figured out why Religious Wrong wing-nuts are sooo opposed to Sharia Law. It’s almost Identical to Evangelical law, that they think supersedes secular law.

Your religious freedom will be gone, your freedom of speech will be gone under a Clinton presidency. Freedom of the press, well, that’s not officially gone, it’s just if you express truth in the press, the rest of the press makes fun of you.

If you have any Emetrol left, here’s Loony Louie’s speech at the Values(?) Voters Summit.

Btw, did you know that Loony Louie used to be Chief Justice on Texas’s 12th Court of Appeals? Cuzin Ricky Perry appointed him. (Which explains a hell of a lot.)

Stay tuned! I’m sure this filbert will be back with even more hilarity!




Mormonism: The Big Con? (pt 2: Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It’s Off to Church We Go)

Mormon ChronologyCONTINUED

When last we left Joe, Ollie, Marty and the various “Holy Ghosts”, Joe had just finished “translating” the Book of Mormon and had gotten it copyrighted. (I guess they didn’t check for plagiarism.)

However, when it comes to having the BoM printed, there’s a slight problem. Printing books costs money and Joe’s previous scams haven’t been too financially successful, so he doesn’t have the loot to do it.

Fortunately. “God” comes to the rescue. Seems Big Daddy has a talk with Joe and tells him that Marty will suffer “GOD’S PUNISHMENT” if he doesn’t pony up the Benjamins to print the book. Doctrine & Covenants Section 1986fad446-c7a9-442e-9347-0c2d06f8060c_oA few quick thoughts on the matter:

  1. Why is Big Daddy always broke? Hell, he can create gold by farting a certain way. Why does he always want ours? He can’t spend it. Maybe he eats it. Who knows?
  2. Isn’t it handy to be the only one B.D. chats up? I mean, who’s to say what you say isn’t what he said? A touch more on that later.
  3. I always thought extortion fell under the “sin” category. However, as we shall learn over the remaining posts, a sin isn’t a sin if Big D or his “prophet” commit it. And, laws aren’t laws unless Big Daddy and Joe approve of them.

(8/1829) Marty gives Joe $3,000 (A little shy of $64,000 in todays moolah.) to cover publishing costs of the BoM. To raise the money, Marty has to mortgage part of his farm, which is repossessed when he can’t pay it off. (So, Marty does what Big D demands, and Big D rewards him by having him lose part of his farm. What an asshole! This isn’t the last time B.D. screws someone for doing what he commands. We’ll run across multiple examples over the ensuing years.)

Before we get to more of the “latter-day” fun stuff, lets take a quick gander at the BoM.

It’s reputed to be the saga of various bands of Israelis that sailed boats (In one case, a submarine) from the Middle East, all the way to South America. It then traces the history of their descendants (aka “First Nations”, “Native Americans” or “Indians”).

Unfortunately, there are more than a few glaring errors in the narrative:

  1. First of all, it is not backed up by DNA evidence which clearly shows a direct descent from Eastern Asians, not Semitic Asians. FAIL!
  2. The BoM says that the descendents had chariots. FAIL! The wheel was unknown in the Western Hemisphere.
  3. The BoM’s 2nd Book of Nephi, which was supposedly written around 590 BCE, uses the word “Bible“. FAIL! There was no “Bible” in 590 BCE. The Pentateuch had barely been written around 621 BCE, but the Bible was still just a gleam in Big Daddy’s eyes.
  4. Ether 9:31-33 tells the tale of cattle-herding snakes. FAIL!
  5. The BoM claims horses were used as “beasts of burden”. FAIL! There were no horses in Pre-Columbian America, and hadn’t been since the Pleistocene Era.



  6. Speaking of non-existent animals, Ether 9:19 says elephants were also used. FAIL! There never were elephants in America. There had been mammoths and mastodons, but they’d been extinct for about 6,000 years.
  7. The BoM also mentions domestic cattle. FAIL! Not in the new world. (This is getting monotonous.)
  8. The BoM details fighting with steel swords. FAIL! There were no metal weapons of any kind used in the Western
  9. The BoM says dark skin is a “loathsome” curse, because either you or one of your ancestors screwed up. However, righteous living will cause your skin to become white and “delightsome.” FAIL! FAIL! (and one more for good measure) FAIL!
  10. There are a lot more problems, inaccuracies, inconsistencies and downright lies, but I think you’ve got a handle on the situation.

There has been speculation that Joe “translated” the BoM for other than altruistic reasons. One reason for the speculation might be because he tried to sell the rights to the book, right after it was published. (However, nobody was buying his story.)

Can I get a witness?

(6/28/1829) Joe, Ollie, Marty and David Whitmer retire to the woods. (Them mushrooms ain’t gonna harvest themselves.) While there, they’re visited by another angel and he has the plates with him. I guess Joe had already given them back.

Afterwards, they all sign a statement titled “Testimony of Three Witnesses” (Tot3W)  which is conveniently located at the beginning of every BoM.

(7/2/1829) Eight more people: Christian Whitmer, Jacob Whitmer, Peter Whitmer Jr., John Whitmer, Hiram Page, Joe Sr., Hyrum Smith, & Samuel Smith “witness” the plates. All eight are members of the Smith or Whitmer families. Page is a Whitmer Bro-in-law.

Mary Whitmer claims Moroni shows her the plates as well, but she’s just a woman, so I guess she doesn’t count. Mrs Joe claims she felt the plates through a cloth, although she never exactly saw them. (Seems she didn’t peek in the bean barrel. No Pandora, she.)

Unfortunately, a few problems with all this “witnessing” keep popping up.

For starters, if you’ve read the “Tot3W”, you’ll notice that it seems to insinuate that the plates were seen, but it really doesn’t say how they were seen. (Don’t laugh, this becomes important.) There are an incredible number of “weasel words” in there that allow you to draw whatever conclusion is convenient for your point of view.

And then, there’s the “I can’t seem to keep the story straight” problem.

Let’s start with Marty. You might remember that last post I compared Marty to my favorite bird. (If you’ve ever camped out by a northern alpine lake and listened to the haunting serenade of the loons, you’ll know why I love ’em.)LoonsBut, actually, I was referring to the other usage of the word. You know, “crazy as a ……”

His belief in earthly visitations of angels and ghosts gives him the reputation of being a few fries short of a Happy Meal. Here’s what some of the people who know him have to say about Marty: “a great man for seeing spooks” (Lorenzo Saunders); “a visionary fanatic” (Jesse Townsend); “overbalanced by marvellousness” (Pomeroy Tucker). Pomeroy Tucker reminiscence, 1858, in Vogel 1996-2003, 3: 71

For instance, during a break in translation transcribing, Marty takes a 2 or 3 mile “walk & talk” with J.C.. Of course, J.C. is in the form of a deer, but talking with him as familiarly as one man talks with another”. John A. Clark letter, August 31, 1840

Another time Marty has also seen the Devil, whom he describes as “a very sleek haired fellow with four feet, and a head like that of a Jack-ass.” Vogel,EMD 2: 271, note 32.

And, he always seems to know whenever YHWH (Big Daddy) or J.C. stops by to take in a Sunday sermon, even if nobody else can see them.

Then there’s the time when Marty encounters J.C. poised up on a roof beam. Ronald W. Walker, “Martin Harris: Mormonism’s Early Convert,” Dialogue: A Journal of Mormon Thought 19 (Winter 1986): 34-35. I have absolutely no clue as to what J.C.’s doing on the roof . Maybe he heard the drinks were on the house? (Ooooh sorry. That was a bad one, even for me.)

Ok, I think you probably get the picture. Marty may not be the best choice for a credible witness. But, I guess you go with what you’ve got.

At one point, as the BoM is readied for printing, the typesetter (John Gilbert) asks him “Martin, did you see those plates with your naked eyes?” Marty replies “No, I saw them with a spiritual eye!John H. Gilbert, “Memorandum,” 8 September 1892, in EMD, 2: 54 (I’m not into “magic mushrooms”, so I usually see “with a spiritual eye” after 5 or 6 heavy hits on the bong.)

Later, in 1838 he testifies in court that neither he, nor any of the other “witnesses” ever physically saw the plates. Stephen Burnett to Luke S. Johnson, 15 April 1838, in Joseph Smith’s Letterbook, Early Mormon Documents 2: 290-92 Three of the 12 Mormon Apostles promptly leave the church. (Lotsa juicy detail coming up down the timeline.)

By 1853, he crosses back over to “Saw’em-Touched’em” Land. He tells David Dille that he held the 40-60 lb plates on his knee for “an hour-and-a-half” and handled them “plate after plate” Martin Harris interview with David B. Dille, 15 September 1853

Other than being a few frogs shy of a flap jack, what possible motivation could he have had for this charade?

In the winter of 1828, Marty and his wife visit his sister-in-law, Abigail. This is how Abigail describes one conversation: “… Martin Harris and Lucy Harris, his wife, were at my house. In conversation with the Mormonites, she observed that she wished her husband would quit them, as she believed it all false and a delusion. To which I heard Mr. Harris reply: ‘What if it is a lie; if you will let me alone I will make money out of it!’ I was both an eye and ear witness of what has been above stated, which is now fresh in my memory, and I speak the truth and lie not, God being my witness.” Lucy is on record as confirming the conversation.

Now, if you think I’m picking on Marty, I’m just using him as an example. There are problems and conflicts with all the testimonies.

David Whitmer said he saw the plates “by the eye of faith” (aka Psilocybe liniformans?) Psilocybeliniformans2Later, David said he found them lying in a field and even later said that they were laying on a table with other gold & brass plates, the Sword of Laban and our old friends, Urim & Thumim. Millennial Star, vol. XL, pp. 771-772

Joe publicly charged Ollie with lying, perjury and counterfeiting, among other crimes. Senate Document 189, Feb. 15, 1841, pp. 6-9 (And, of course, lots more on this coming up down the line.) However, everyone is supposed to believe him when he agrees with Joe?

Let me finish up on the “witnesses” with this little factoid: By 1847, all 11 “witnesses” leave the church. Not 1, not 3, but every last mother-humpin’ one of them. (Kinda tells you something right there!) Some come back later to enjoy their celebrity status or for some other non-altruistic reason, and some don’t.

Hi ho, hi ho, It’s off to church we go!

(3/26/1830) Joe publishes “The Book of Mormon.”

(4/6/1830) Eleven days later, starting with 30 suckers, I mean saints, Joe incorporates the “Church of Christ” in Fayette NY, or was it Manchester, NY? (Inquiring minds want to know.) 

Nit picking time (Hey, they’re the church’s nits, not mine!) Part of the incorporation location confusion comes from the church claims prior to 1834 that it is in the Smith home in Manchester, (actually, the house is just north of the Palmyra town border) and then, after ’34, the official church version changes to the Peter Whitmer house in Fayette.

Complicating it even more is the fact that no legal records of church incorporation exist in the Palmyra/Manchester area, the Fayette area, or anywhere else in the state. It seems this may not be a legal organization.

Wherever it is, it seems everyone has a great time, speaking in tongues, having visions, prophesying and fainting. Joseph Smith History, 1839 draft Also, Joe and Ollie are both ordained “as an apostle of Jesus Christ, an elder of the church”. This later gets modified so that Joe becomes “1st Elder” and Ollie becomes “2nd Elder”. (And, the power struggle begins.)

2nd nit: According to the church (ala Nephi 27:3-8) Christ’s true church is required to have his name on it. That raises a bit of a “sticky wicket”. (Always wanted to use that phrase, and btw a sticky wicket is a damp, soft pitch in cricket. So, who says my posts aren’t educational?) By that reckoning, it seems that between May 3, 1834 and April 1838, J.C. didn’t have a true church. During that time period, the name was changed to “The Church of the Latter Day Saints”. (No Christ, nowhere, nohow)

(6/9/1830). Holy exorcism, Batman! Joe performs his 1st miracle! Yup, our boy Joe casts a devil “of uncommon size from a miserable man in the neighborhood of the ‘great bend’ of the Susquehannah.”. (At least that’s what he claims.)

Unfortunately this gets Joe hauled into court again. He’s charged with performing an exorcism, but he’s acquitted. Would love to be a fly on the wall during the trial. If Joe admits to the charge, that means he’s guilty. If he denies the charge, that means he’s either lying under oath or he lied about the exorcism. Since he’s acquitted, I think I know what his testimony is.

About the same time, Marty gives himself a promotion to Prophet. He claims in two years non-Mormonites will be stricken off the earth and Palmyra will become the New Jerusalem complete with streets of gold. Gilbert, John H. (September 8, 1892), Recollections of John H. Gilbert, Palmyra, New York

Obviously this does not go down well with Joe. (The “Prophet” part at least.) In September, Joe claims that B.D. tells him he’s the only Prophet and Marty is something else. While he’s at it, B.D. gives him the authority to issue commandments on any subject. (Wouldn’t that make him at least a demigod? Talk about inflated ego!)

Meet Sid

Sidney Rigdon (1793-1876)

Sidney Rigdon (1793-1876)

One of the early converts, Parley P. Pratt is sent to preach to the Lamanites (aka Indians). On his way, he stops by to visit his old Campbellite preacher, Sidney Rigdon. Sid reads the BoM and decides to convert.

(We’ll catch up with P.P.P. a bit later. Or rather, the husband of his 9th wife will. It doesn’t end well.)

After being baptized, Sid proceeds to convert hundreds of his old flock.

(12/1830) Shortly after, he pays a visit to Joe. As a preacher, Sid is a fiery orator and Joe needs one of those. He is immediately made the church’s flack hack. (spin doctor)

About this time, Big Daddy decides it’s time to relocate to greener pastures (and money). Since Sid already has hundreds of Mormonites in Ohio, that seems to be a good spot. B.D. tells Joe that a little farming village called Kirtland will be their new home. So, over the next year (1831) Joe & the gang set up shop in Kirtland.

Despite Marty’s earlier claims, B.D. tells Joe that Zion (New Jerusalem) is located in Independence, MO.

(6/7/1831) Joe takes a small group to check it out. (I’ve been to Independence, and other than being my idol “Give ’em Hell” Harry’s home town, it’s a long way from any fantasy of Zion, I ever had.) While there, they lay a cornerstone for a proposed temple. Within a year about 800 saints settle there.

If you’ve read “The Religious Wrong (pt 3: The Great(?) Awakening)“, you’ll recall that in this period, a lot of religious/cult groups’ idea of Utopia included “small c” communism, (with a healthy dose of sex on the side). Kirkland fit the pattern.

(2/9/1831) Joe has a “revelation” detailing the “Law of Consecration” or what he calls “The United Order of Enoch” Doctrine & Covenants 42:30-39 In short, “saints were to “consecrate” (give) their belongings to the church, and the church would give them what they need, keeping the extra for “good works”.

Sounds like “From each according to his ability, to each according to his need” to me. (Mr Marx would be pleased. And, I ain’t talkin’ Groucho!)

(7/17/1831) As for the sex on the side? Joe has a revelation from Big Daddy recommending that he practice polygamy. (Or does he?) Joe neglects to tell anyone about it other than one brand new member (Willie Wine Phelps) who neglects to tell anyone else about it for 30 years. The rest of the Mormonites, don’t learn of B.D.’s current views on polygamy/polyandry until 1843. By that time, Joe is already screwing over a couple dozen “wives”.

What makes this even more interesting, is that Joe’s own “translation” of the BoM comes out strongly against the practice: But the word of God burdens me because of your grosser crimes. For behold, thus saith the Lord: This people begin to wax in iniquity; they understand not the scriptures, for they seek to excuse themselves in committing whoredoms, because of the things which were written concerning David, and Solomon his son. “Behold, David and Solomon truly had many wives and concubines, which thing was abominable before me, saith the Lord.Jacob 2:23-24

The appearance of Sid starts Ollie’s slide into insignificance. Sid takes over as scribe helping Joe re-translate the bible. However, Joe never quite finishes his translation, and strangely enough, none of the “Prophet, Seer & Revelators” that follow, pick up the ball.

Sid is named one of Joe’s two counselors and becomes a close partner in the operation. He’s even a guest of honor along with Joe at an informal “tar & feathers party”.

You get the tar, and I’ll get the feathers. Let’s get together and have a great time!

T&F PartyListen, my children, and you shall hear the legend of the infamous “Tar & Feather Incident”. (3/24/1832) (This one’s kinda like the Boston Tea Party in that there are a lot of facts known, but as for the truth???)

Let’s start with the facts: A group of men drag Joe & Sid out of their respective houses. (Joe & Emma are lodging with the Johnsons and Sid’s bunked in with another family.) The mob beats them and strips them naked. They try to force some tar and acid down Joe’s throat, but the bottle evidently breaks. They slather hot tar on their bodies and dump feathers all over the sticky mess.There’s also a doctor in the group that has been brought along to castrate Joe. (But not Sid.) Fortunately(?) for a lot of Joe’s future bed buddies, the doctor gets cold feet.

According to the church, this is a drunken mob stirred up by some apostate Mormonites. The church’s spin is that these were petty and vindictive men who have left the church over minor issues. There are obviously some “apostates” in the mob. There are also some current members and the previously mentioned doctor.

As to another possible reason for the anger of both members and ex, remember back seven paragraphs, where I mentioned “The Law of Consecration”? Well, a lot of these folks have decided that they don’t want to give everything to Joe and let him decide what they get back. Seems to them Joe is fleecing the flock. Seems to me, that’s not a minor issue. As a side note (aka foreshadowing) later events prove they have a point.

And, then there’s the situation with the doctor. Now, dumping tar and acid down Joe’s throat, I can understand. It keeps him from preaching. However, cutting off Joe’s balls doesn’t stop him from preaching, it just means he’ll do it in a higher register. Soooo, why is he here? Also, why was Joe the only castration candidate?

Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to 16-year-old Marinda Johnson. I mentioned current members being involved a couple of paragraphs back. Two of those members were Marinda’s brothers and Joe’s host’s sons. It seems Joe was either “getting frisky” with the girl, or was trying to. Considering castration is a rather extreme punishment, my money’s on the former.Frisky Joe While you and I might consider this sort of a “rockstar-groupie” thing, I don’t think Marinda’s brothers saw it quite that way.

I’ve heard the church claim that this is not adultery, because Joe has already been given the go ahead by B.D.. Since nobody knows about that except for Willie Wine (And, I ain’t so sure about him.) that’s a piss poor excuse. Also, Joe’s track record (as we shall see) paints him as a bit of a sexual predator.

Btw, this is not the last we’ll see of darling Marinda. But that’s a story for later down the timeline.

Joe & Sid survive the experience obviously, and go on to greater low jinks. But, I have already exceeded (once again) my self-imposed word limit.

Next episode, we’ll continue the life and times of Mormonite Kirtland, including Joe’s next sexual conquest, “The Word of Wisdom”, the power struggles and (hopefully) the real reason Joe and the gang had to skip town.

In the meantime, if the Mormon missionaries knock on your door (and, they will, sooner or later), tell them you belong to the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, or if in Oregon, the Church of Elvis. (Hey, those religions are just as valid as Mormonism.)


ps Here’s one for the road:

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The ‘Religious’ War On Hillary And Women In Power

UntitledLet the woman learn in silence with all subjection.

But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to usurp authority over the man, but to be in silence.

For Adam was first formed, then Eve.

And Adam was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression.

Notwithstanding she shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety. 1 Timothy 2:11-15 (KJV)

There you have it, ladies: Keep your mouth shut and spread your legs. Oh, and don’t forget to believe this BS is holy writ, behave yourself and lay off the hooch. Because: Eve and the talking snake.

Most Christians have relegated this garbage to the trash heap of history. (Btw, it wasn’t written by Timothy. It was supposedly written to Timothy by that renown misogynist, Saul of Tarsus, aka “Paul.”)

However, there are some individuals (I call them “Khristians” as opposed to “Christians” because most of their beliefs would have been anathema to Christ.) still believe this junk.

For instance, a week ago on the American Pastors Network program, “Stand in the Gap,” APN board member, Gary Dull, had some choice bull droppings to spread on the subject.

According to Mr. Dull, (no snark needed) women serving in positions of political leadership is a sign that a society is “spiritually rotten.” As an example, he brought up Isaiah 3:12,

As for my people, children are their oppressors, and women rule over them. O my people, they which lead thee cause thee to err, and destroy the way of thy paths.

The chapter goes on to complain of the abomination of flirty women with swaying hips, wearing baubles, bangles and beads. (Not quite sure if that has anything to do with women in power, but then, I’m not a troglodyte bible-thumper.)

Dull went on to quote the passage at the top of this post, to prove that women are chattel. Then he stated,

In God’s line of authority, it seems very clear in the scripture that a woman should not be in authority over men, which would limit a woman from being the president of the United States of America or even a queen of some other particular nation.

If you have your Emetrol handy and want to listen to some of this insanity, here’s a soundbite:

Lest you think that Mr. Dull is an outlier, (as opposed to an out-and-out liar) here’s a few other quotes from the ranks of the Religious Wrong:

Georgia pastor Benjamin Faircloth: [Hillary Clinton] “would have no problem setting this nation on fire.” He then went on to compare the U.S. to Turkey.

Turkey, what’s happening there, Pastor Rick, is going to happen here in America…To me, what it does is it shows us a parallel, it shows us an overlay, it shows us what’s coming to this nation. If they can’t win by the ballot box, if they can’t win by, you know, fair, free elections, there is no doubt in my mind that same scare, that same type of entity here in America will pull the trigger and destroy this nation. If they can’t do it the way they wanna do it, I think that they will pull the trigger…I think her heart is black, I think it’s evil.

Still got the Emetrol handy? There’s more:

Then on “Generations Radio with Kevin Swanson,” Rev. Kev (He’s a wing-nut Presbyterian pastor who thinks it’s better to kill your kids than let them read Harry Potter.) had this to say,

On the one hand, the nation embraces a sexual decadence. On the other hand, the feminists —who themselves rather appreciate free love, sexual impurity and adultery, but they don’t appreciate fact that a woman was taken advantage of. Therefore, in order for [Clinton] to be vindicated, she has got to prove herself by winning the power struggle over the highest office in the land. This is what defines America today…If they can achieve the ultimate zenith of power, this will become the final chapter, in a sense, of the present war that feminists have waged over this nation.

Finally, (The list goes on and on and on and on, but I’m running out of Emetrol.) James Edwards, on his radio program, “The Political Cesspool,” (which pretty well describes the program) had a few choice comments to make.

Should Hillary Clinton be president of the United States?…The husband is the ruler of the house under God’s law, and that’s the law that I abide by. Would this country be better, frankly, if women didn’t even vote? I mean, ask yourself that because we see women are so — even more than men, and even though men now — need this status, they need to be accepted, they need food, water, shelter, and status in order to survive, but women especially need that. You know, I think the model before suffrage was a husband and a wife come together as a unit and the man casts the vote for that family.

After eight years of filberts bemoaning the fact that there was a “nigger” in the White House, it looks like we can look forward to four to eight years of religious troglodytes crying because there’s a women doing what “Big Daddy” says is a “man’s job.”

Sappy Sarah Palin Claims Ted Cruz Is Dead (To Her)

8571336506_24b0320377_bSarah Palin couldn’t make the Republican National Convention (aka the Regressive Incest Fest). Her son, Track was on trial for domestic-violence assault, interfering with the report of a domestic violence crime and possession of a firearm while intoxicated.

You’ll be happy(?) to know that Track got off with a pinky tap on the wrist. Two of the charges, domestic-violence assault and interfering with the report of a domestic-violence crime, got dropped and all he has to do is attend some classes.

As a result of this distraction, she’s been a bit quiet until yesterday. But, you know Sarah, if there’s a way to insert herself into the news stream, she’s gonna grab it.

Enter Teddy Cruz! Or more specifically, Teddy boy’s “Vote Your Conscience” speech at what was supposed to be hairball’s coronation.

On Wednesday, (I suppose in the spirit of unifying the party behind the “Great Orange Blunder”) Cruz was invited to speak at the convention. As with most of the convention, this move was VERY poorly thought out.

Hairball had called Cruz’s wife ugly and claimed his father had something to do with the Kennedy assassination. Did anyone really think he was gonna roll over and play servile puppy? Cruz has a multitude of personality disorders, but he’s not Chris Christie.

Anyway, after Cruz not only didn’t endorse the Regressive nominee, but asked everyone to vote their conscience (if they could remember where they left it) he was soundly booed and castigated by tea party types.

Voting your conscience? Regressives can’t have people doing that. Most of them don’t even know what a conscience is. (Well, after all, it is an over-4-letter word.)

With an opening like that, was the “half-baked Alaskan” front and center to “refudiate” Cruz? You betcha!

Sarah used to be a Cruz’er, back when he was running for Senator in 2012 If fact, Cruz even credited her for his win. but those days are dead and gone. (And, according to “Caribou Boobie” so is he.)

Instead, the half-term, half-wit decided to hitch up with hairball’s run for presidential wannabe in hopes of an administration gig she could quit after destroying it. (Energy Secretary, for those of you who didn’t click the link.) Since then, she’s been tossing some of her best(?) word salads in support of the hairy chee-to.

After Cruz’s speech, Sarah high-tailed it over to Breitbart to give Cruz a piece of her mind. (As if she could spare any.) She titled her post “Sarah Palin to Ted Cruz: Delete Your Career.

Cruz’s broken pledge to support the will of the people tonight was one of those career-ending “read my lips” moments. I guarantee American voters took notice and felt more unsettling confirmation as to why we don’t much like typical politicians because they campaign one way, but act out another way. That kind of political status quo has got to go because it got us into the mess we’re in with America’s bankrupt budgets and ramped up security threats.

It’s commonplace for politicians to disbelieve their word is their bond, as evidenced by Cruz breaking his promise to endorse his party’s nominee, evidently thinking whilst on the convention stage, “At this point, what difference does it make?” We’ve been burned so horribly by that attitude that voters won’t reward politicians pulling that “what difference does it make” stunt again. Politicians will see — it makes all the difference in the world to us.

She even sent along a delightful little video:

It’s probably safest not to invite both Sarah and Teddy to your next shindig, although it would certainly liven it up a bit.

Stay tuned. I have the sinking feeling that this isn’t the last we’ll hear about this.

Hawaii Leads The Nation In Gun Legislation

gun-market-militarized2-1024x768With a congress more beholden to the NRA than the 90% of the population that want something done to regulate guns, it seems that it’s up to the states to take the necessary steps in responsible gun legislation.

And no, that doesn’t mean the guys in the black helicopters are coming to confiscate your shootin’ irons. (Although, if you think it does, maybe in your case, it should.) For the rest of us, Hawaii has taken several constructive steps in the right direction.

Last Thursday, the same day Democratic members of the House staged their sit-down protest over inaction on gun legislation, Hawaii’s governor signed a landmark gun legislation bill. The bill, (SB 2954) which took effect immediately, authorizes county police departments in Hawaii to enroll firearms applicants and individuals registering their firearms, in an FBI criminal record monitoring service, called “rap back.”

According to the governor’s press release,

The service notifies the agencies when a firearm owner is arrested for a criminal offense anywhere in the country. This will allow county police departments in Hawaii to evaluate whether the firearm owner may continue to legally possess and own firearms. The law also authorizes the Hawaii Criminal Justice Data Center to access firearm registration data.

State Senator (and gun owner) Will Espero called it, “Common sense legislation that does not hurt anyone. It just means local police will be notified.

(In case you’re curious, the NRA is NOT HAPPY about this. That alone, tells you it’s good legislation.)

As you can imagine, the NRA finds this one of the most extreme bills we’ve ever seen. The law could affect gun owners outside Hawaii, because the state requires visitors carrying guns to register.Amy Hunter, spokeswoman for the NRA Institute for Legislative Action.

This was not the only gun legislation that the governor, David Ige (A Democrat, naturally.) signed into law. Two other needed bills were also signed into law. One, (HB625) disqualifies a person convicted of stalking or sexual assault from owning a gun. The other, (HB2632) requires anyone diagnosed with a mental, behavioral or emotional disorder to surrender their weapons.

All-in-all, three common sense laws to better protect citizens from the epidemic of mass murders in this country. (And yes, when there are more mass murders in a year than days in a year, it is an epidemic!)

Featured Image Photo Credit: Pål Joakim Olsen Creative Commons Attribution 2.0


Can States Establish Their Own ‘Official Religion’? (VIDEOS)

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

Photo Credit: Wikipedia Commons

It has often been stated that this country was originally settled by people escaping religious bigotry and in some cases that’s true. What’s not so often stated is that once here and established, they practiced their own brand of religious bigotry.

One of the best cases in point are the Puritans.

Puritans were firm believers in the “my way or the highway” practice of religion. More often, the “highway” led to the stocks or worse. Non-conformity, religious or political, was NOT tolerated.

In 1636, Roger Williams was found guilty of preaching “newe & dangerous opinions” and was exiled. Banished from Massachusetts, he went a bit south and founded Providence Plantation, a much more tolerant colony. You probably know the area by its present name: Rhode Island. In 1660, they “legally” murdered four Quakers and kicked the rest of them out. The four were condemned to death and executed for their religious beliefs by the Massachusetts Bay Colony Legislature.

There are numerous other examples, but let us jump ahead to what I refer to as the “Hateteenth Century.”

  • (1700) New York and Massachusetts solved their Catholic conundrum by kicking out any Catholics in their jurisdictions.
  • (1701) North Carolina passed the Vestry Act, making Anglicanism its official religion.
  • (1708) Connecticut passed their 1st statute that allowed “full liberty of worship” to Anglicans and Baptists.
  • (1771) The State of Virginia jailed 50 Baptists worshipers for preaching the Gospel contrary to the Anglican Book of Common Prayer.
  • (1774) Massachusetts Baptists were put in jail for not paying taxes to support the Congregational Church.
  • (1777) American Philosophical Society member, Thomas Jefferson, completed his first draft of the “Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom“, which states: “No man shall be forced to frequent or support any religious worship, place, or ministry whatsoever.”
  • (1785) Another APS member, James Madison, penned “Remonstrances Against Religious Assessments” advocating separation of Church and State.
  • (1786) The legislature adopted the Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom, which disestablished the Anglican Church as the official church and prohibited harassment based on religious differences. (Good luck with that one.)
  • (1789) The Bill of Rights was ratified. The First Amendment reads: “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.
  • (1796) Andrew Jackson opposed the inclusion of the word “God” in Tennessee’s constitution.
  • (1796) The Treaty of Tripoli was conducted. Article 11 states: “As the Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion…”

As you can tell from the bullet points, the tide shifted towards tolerance in the last quarter of the century. However, it obviously didn’t go away. And, as you can see from the chart below, state religions lasted well into the next century.

Time Between Original Colonial Charter and End of State-Supported ReligioncoloniestimelineSource (with additional information):

In the 19th Century, we had the rise of the anti-Catholic American Republican Party Most people refer to them as the “Know Nothing Movement”. While not it’s original intent, the tag pretty much sums them up.

In 1915, the second incarnation of the KKK was founded. While the original KKK focused their hatred on n!&&ers and fellow travelers, the “new, improved” version added Jews and Catholics to their hate list. There was rampant anti-Catholicism aimed at Al Smith in his 1928 run for the White House and even charges that JFK would “take his orders from the Pope” in the 1960 presidential campaign.

Things haven’t changed much, though the targeting has shifted. All you have to do is listen to a campaign speech by THE DONALD (aka “hairball”) or any one of a number of right-wing Khristian bible thumpers and pundits when the subject turns to Islam.

In every single case sited, the perpetrators of this religious bigotry were primarily White, Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs) and they are still at it. However, now they’ve added a new twist. This time around, they are the self-proclaimed “victims” in the self-imagined “War on Religion.”

One of their “defensive weapons” in this so-called “War on Religion” has been the distortion of the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). The act was originally passed in 1993 to protect the freedom of religious minorities such as Sikhs and native American religious rituals.

Then, “the law of unintended consequences” reared its ugly mug. in 2014, SCOTUS decided in “BURWELL v. HOBBY LOBBY STORES, INCthat since companies are people too, that they had religious rights as well. In that particular case the corporation’s religion didn’t care for contraceptives, so they didn’t have to pay for insurance coverage of the baby blockers.

From that point on “religious freedom” expanded to justify bigotry against the LGBT community. (Kim Davis, anyone?) Laws passed by Alabama, North Carolina and several other “red” states are the latest examples of that.

The ruling has even opened the door to denial of access or even referrals to abortion and contraception. What started out as a needed protective measure has morphed into legalized bigotry.

And, over the last couple of years, there’s been a new twist, or rather an old one, revisited.

In 2013, North Carolina legislators introduced a bill declaring that the state has the right to declare an official religion. The bill argued that states are “sovereign” and the Establishment Clause of the 1st Amendment cannot prevent states “from making laws respecting the establishment of religion.

The following year, a Mississippi group, Magnolia State Heritage Campaign, circulated an initiative declaring Christianity the state’s official religion. The text of the initiative stated

The State of Mississippi hereby acknowledges the fact of her identity as a principally Christian and quintessentially Southern state, in terms of the majority of her population, character, culture, history, and heritage, from 1817 to the present; accordingly, the Holy Bible is acknowledged as a foremost source of her founding principles, inspiration, and virtues; and, accordingly, prayer is acknowledged as a respected, meaningful, and valuable custom of her citizens. The acknowledgments hereby secured shall not be construed to transgress either the national or the state Constitution’s Bill of Rights.

It failed to get the required 110,000 signatures that time around. However, the way things are going, it may return.

For instance, in that same year, (2014) Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas statedthat in his view the First Amendment religion clauses don’t apply to the states in the first place.

Most legal experts would argue that the return of state religions is very unlikely. However, most legal experts did not foresee SCOTUS’s ruling that corporations are the equivalent of people.

There is currently one vacant position on the Supreme Court with the likelihood of at least a couple more in the next few years. One more reason to vote for the Democratic nominee in November. The last thing we need are two or three more Clarence Thomases on the bench. And if a Republican wins the White House, that’s probably what we would get!


Is Silly Sarah Palin Sippin’ Some More Sappy Sauce?

Palin on CBSSarah Palin, it has long been speculated, has very friendly relationships with Mr. Daniels, Mr. Beam, Old Grandad and possibly a Wild Turkey. (Truth be told, I also did a bit of speculation on that subject about a year ago.)

Well, the Snarkist’s wet dream (aka “The Half-Term, Half-Wit”) is back at what she does best: turning the English language into an egg salad sandwich. Btw, she has a Communications degree. (OK, so it took her four schools to finally graduate.)

While hubby Todd is recuperating from a snowball accident, (Nobody’s saying how it happened, but possibly Todd was playing “chicken” with a tree and lost.) Sarah is out on the rubber chicken circuit for The DONALD.

Last evening (4/1) Sister Sarah spoke at a Republican Party fundraiser in Wisconsin. (I’ll skip any “April Fool” snarks, that’s waaay to easy.) She rambled on about a number of subjects, including the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Where we’re headed with trade, well, it’s going to ultimately fundamentally transform America into something we don’t recognize, and our kids and our grandkids … they’ll never know then what it is then to be rewarded for that entrepreneurial spirit that God creates within us in order to work and to produce and to strive and to thrive and to really be alive.

But, she hit “peak Palin” with her comments on immigration.

Knowing that Trump won on that issue, it should empower you to go ahead and ask the candidates, ‘What the heck are you thinking, candidates? What are you thinking when you’re going ahead and actually asking for more immigrants, illegal immigrants, welcoming them in, even inducing and seducing immigrants with gift baskets of teddy bears and soccer balls?’

e8b566c078fa301db2bdf101d7028914“Teddy bears and soccer balls?” Unfortunately, she didn’t enlighten the audience as to how she became privy to that knowledge. Maybe she went outside to check on what the Russians were up to and simply forgot to don her Tea Party tinfoil tri-corner hat. Who knows? (Sorry, couldn’t find an image of the tinfoil version. I think she has them custom made.)

The Washington Post’s Phillip Rucker tweeted the audience’s reaction to the Palin pontifications,

How do you know Palin has faded? 8 mins into her speech at GOP dinner and no applause yet. Some eye rolls and phone checking tho.

She did get some “polite applause” when she thanked the attendees “for your graciousness in allowing me to crash your fish fry.” (They may have been applauding the fact that she was shutting up and leaving the podium.)

After it was over, Sarah is reported to have said, “At least they didn’t boo.


Trump: Nuking Europe Is ‘On The Table’ (VIDEOS)

If you thought Trump was a bit wacko before, this time he has gone full-blown OUTRAGEOUSLY INSANE!

Today and tomorrow (3/31 – 4/1), representatives from a number of nations are attending the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington. The purpose for the summit is expressed on their website,

We cannot afford to wait for an act of nuclear terrorism before working together to collectively improve our nuclear security culture, share our best practices, and raise our standards for nuclear security.

At the same time and not too surprisingly, Trump has other ideas. He’s in favor of nuclear proliferation. As he explained to CNN,

At some point we have to say, you know what, we’re better off if Japan protects itself against this maniac in North Korea, we’re better off, frankly, if South Korea is going to start to protect itself. Wouldn’t you rather, in a certain sense, have Japan have nuclear weapons when North Korea has nuclear weapons?

Joseph Cinncione, the president of Ploughshares Fund, which is dedicated to reducing the nuclear threat, responded,

Every President since Harry Truman has tried to stop other nations from going nuclear. “ F. Kennedy started the effort to get the Non-Proliferation Treaty because Japan and Germany—countries we had just defeated in war—were researching nuclear weapon programs. We stopped them, and South Korea and dozens of other nations. And now Trump wants give them the bomb? This is insane!

Yesterday, on MSNBC’s “Town Hall,” Chris Matthews called Trump out on the issue, saying “You got hooked into something you shouldn’t have talked about.

Trump responded,

Look, nuclear should be off the table. But would there be a time when it could be used, possibly?

After Trump went on to say that he wouldn’t rule out using nukes in the Middle East, Matthews asked him if he would use them in Europe.

He replied that he didn’t think so, but once again, he refused to “take the cards off the table.”

Also yesterday, with military matters on his mind(?), Trump spoke at his rally in Appleton, Wisconsin. He took the opportunity to bemoan the cowardice of American fighting forces for refusing to ignore the Geneva Convention.

The problem is we have the Geneva Conventions, all sorts of rules and regulations, so the soldiers are afraid to fight. We can’t waterboard, but they can chop off heads. I think we’ve got to make some changes, some adjustments.

Do you really want this lunatic to be “Commander in Chief” with his finger on the nuclear trigger?


Rafael Cruz: One More Liberal Judge And We’ll Be Shot Down

Crazy & CrazyerWell, it’s been almost a month since I checked up on Rafael Cruz (aka Teddys fruitcake father). So this morning, since I needed a good guffaw, I decided I’d see what Señor Silly has been up to.

Turns out to be more than I can cover in one post, so I’ll just concentrate on some of the lower “lowlights.” A couple of common themes popped up, mainly how the Big O is going to destroy ‘Murica with his SCOTUS pick and how marriage equality is sending us to hell in an extra-extra-extra-large hay basket.

Back on March 9th, a week before Obama nominated Merrick B. Garland, Rafael warned the Breitbart News Daily audience that an additional liberal justice on the court would would destroy all of society.

One more justice like that and we will lose our right to keep and bear arms. We will lose all of our religious freedom. We will see abortion on demand to the day of delivery. We will see the destruction of traditional marriage, and the family is the foundation of society — if the family is destroyed, society will be destroyed.

Of course, Garland is NOT a liberal, but to Señor Silly, everybody to the left of Temüjin (Genghis Khan) is a libtard.

A couple of days later, on the 11th, he visited The Church Boys over on, to launch an attack on SCOTUS. (He’s still PO’d about them for “destroying the sanctity of marriage” by letting gays do “the nasty” legally.) He framed it as an attack on “religious liberty.” (The new code phrase for “bigotry.”) He even brought up the Nazis to bolster his case.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer in the Second World War in Germany said, ‘Silence in the face of evil is evil itself, not to speak is to speak, not to act is to act.’ We cannot be silent anymore.
Then, just last week, he spoke to WND (aka World News Daily aka Weird Nuts Drooling) about that traitor, Obama.
Obama is bent on releasing all of those terrorists from Guantanamo Bay and every time he releases some of those, they go join ISIS or join Al Qaeda to kill more Americans. That’s treason.
(He somehow forgot to include Bush League’s release of over 500 prisoners in his treason accusations.)
He also said the Big O wants to give the base back to Cuba so they can let Korea, Iran, China or Russia use it. (He was a bit unclear on who would end up with it, but they were evil, whoever they were.)

On the 26th, he was a guest on “Breitbart News Saturday” to declare that the “attack on religion” was an attempt to deify the government.

The attack on Christianity is escalated to a new level…Every communist country must make government their god. And so in order to make government their god they must destroy the concept of god. That what’s behind the attack on religion is to deify government, and the Obama administration is no different…We have believed this lie of separation of church and state. Which is not in the Constitution, is not in the Declaration.

(I guess he doesn’t consider the 1st Amendment a part of the Constitution. Which is a bit strange, since he considers his warped version of the 2nd Amendment one.) As to whether this is a “Christian” country, check out a post I did on that subject a couple of years ago. (Shameless plug #879585)

Yesterday, the 28th, he was on Breitbart’s SiriusXM program, warning that one more liberal Justice (See above Genghis Khan comment.) in the Supreme Court would result in the loss of our guns and the possible loss of our lives.

One more liberal justice with that way of thinking and we will lose our Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. And think back in history: Every dictator that has taken the guns away from the population has used them against the population.
Actually, it would probably just take us back the the interpretation of the 2nd Amendment that prevailed for over 200 years prior to “Heller.”
He also doubled down on his comments about education being a “Commie plot.”
So, since 1933, those concepts of secular humanism have been immersed in our public school system. and now, with Common Core, they have been elevated to a new level. And Common Core is not really about standards, it’s about brainwashing our kids with secular humanism, with an anti-Christian worldview, with what’s called situational ethics … And so what has happened is that kids are being brainwashed with this worldview that is an anti-Christian worldview in an attempt to secularize America.

Stay tuned! (If you have the stomach for it as well as a supply of Emetrol.)politifact-photos-cruzanddadnytpft