Alex Jones Demands ‘Reparations for White People’ (Video)

Alex “Wo0 W0o” Jones is at it again!

Fresh from a “coffee shower” in Seattle, (More on that in a bit.) “Wo0 W0o” has decided to reverse his long-standing objection to reparations.

Don’t get me wrong, “Wo0 W0o” is still against reparations for “First Nations” and Black folk, but he has found a persecuted majority that he believes deserves some help in that area – White Americans!

There needs to be reparations for white people the last 20, 30 years, getting attacked and killed by the tens of thousands every year…There needs to be real travel advisories. They used to have in the 60s some places like Selma, Alabama, The New York Times would put travel advisories out for black folks.

To back up his story, “Wo0 W0o” cited one of Hair Fuhrer’s bogus tweets. It seems, as usual, Rump got his facts bass-ackwards. He claimed that 81% of the murders of White people were committed by Black people. I did some checking and in the latest stats I could find, [2013] the actual percentage of Black on White murders was 13.61%. White on White murders came to 83.49%. (By “Wo0 W0o’s” reasoning, and using accurate stats, White Americans should avoid predominately White populated areas, for their own safety.) Also, that “tens of thousands every year” was 3005 in 2013!

Meanwhile, back at the rant,

It doesn’t matter that most of the basketball players you see who happen to be black have the same haircut, or David Beckham, or anybody else. It doesn’t matter. You need to find that racism. In the eclipse. In a guy’s short haircut. In whatever it is. You’ve got to find it. It’s got to be there. So that’s why I’ve issued a travel advisory for the United States for white folks going to places like Denver, Detroit. Places like Chicago, places like Seattle, because I’ve been to these towns and I’ve experienced it.

I’m not sure I quite understand the link between hair length and racism. Then again, there are very few things that emanate from “Wo0 Woo’s” oral orifice that I do understand.

As to the cities he listed, in most cases, I’m not sure why those were singled out, other than they are all large cities with sizable minority populations. But so do most other large cities. However, I do have a clue about Seattle.

A few days ago, “Wo0 W0o” was in Seattle, and he didn’t exactly get a warm welcome. Between the “FU” battles, the “Finger Flip-offs” and having a cup of coffee dumped on him, (Talk about a waste of good coffee!) he didn’t have a real fun time.

Alex also touched on the persecution of Southerners over their “heritage” (treason and racial bigotry).

You’ve got all these whites who were never connected to it. And then you’ve got the Democratic Party that is literally pushing this that’s removing their history. And then somehow, that’s all Donald Trump’s fault. In fact, I tweeted that out this morning, that point, that I’ve noticed a lot of other people making. It’s just total hype, hysteria, mental illness.

Stay tuned!


Featured Image Credit: DonkeyHotey
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Gohmert: investigate Democrats for staging Charlotte neo-Nazi riot.

“Screwy” Louie Gohmert is back in the news cycle!

After the wide-spread condemnation of the club-swinging, automotive hit-and-run actions of the white supremacists in Charlottesville, Loony Louie (aka “Screwy” Louie, aka “Goober”) claims we’re aiming at the wrong targets.

Going beyond the “bothsiderism” of the Regressive Bullshit Machine and the “Some of the white supremacists were nice people” claim of the “so-called” president, Goober knows the real culprit. And, (surprise, surprise) he’s a Democrat.

No, it wasn’t “Obama done it,” for a change. Although some Regressive “whosit?” From Idaho (Oregon’s embarrassment of a neighbor) thinks so! Besides, Bullshit Mtn’s Ralph Peters claims the “Big O” was busy being responsible for the USS John McCain’s collision.

Sunday, Goober unvailed his crackpot conspiracy on Bullshit Mtn’s “Fox & Friends” (of Rump)

The way forward’s not gonna be easy. And I think the Justice Department needs a full investigation of the governor, of the mayor.

For those non-“Virginia politics nerds” that’s Governor Terry McAuliffe and Charlottesville Mayer Michael Signer. And, wouldn’t you know it? They’re both Dems.

Methinks deviltry is afoot! (Or at least seven or eight inches.)

Back to the filbert’s fantasy:

Screwy Louie thinks this is just the tippy-top of the pair’s nefarious deeds. According to him, they were behind all the violence at poor Don-Don’s rallies!

We have got to have this investigated. They were the violence (sic) at Trump events, and they may have been behind this violence getting started. They facilitated it, anyway.

Then on Monday, Goober hopped over to “Fox Business,” another neighborhood on Bullshit Mtn, to claim this is all a racist ploy by the Dems.

This has been stirred up. This is being driven by forces of evil that are so far beyond what normal people can think about.

There is a strategy to make race the number one issue in 2018 and 2020. They think it’s their ticket back this is going to blow up in their face,

Right now you’re probably asking yourself one of two questions.

  1. Did loony Louie run out of tinfoil? Or,
  2. Where the hell did he come up with this

Well, it turns out that Louie knows a guy who knows a guy that saw KKK and BLM members get off the same Greyhounds in Charlottesville. It’s obvious that they couldn’t have gotten on the buses at different stops! HELL NO! This is shear (VERY shear) proof of collusion.

We need an investigation as to what happened in Charlottesville! Who paid for the different groups to come in? Who ordered the funneling of those groups together? Who ordered to stand by while the violence goes on?

Stay tuned!


Featured Image Credit: DonkeyHotey
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Wing-nut: Carry Guns And Extra Ammo To Church

SIG_Pro_by_Augustas_DidzgalvisAccording to the Oath Keepers, (or, as I refer to them: “Oaf Creepers”) ISIS could be planning to attack your church.

Beware! Or, better yet, be armed! BE VERY HEAVILY ARMED!

But first, a bit of history before the hysteria, to place this nonsense in context.

The Oaf Creepers were founded by Elmer Stewart Rhodes. He likes to go by “Stewart,” but I think “Elmer” is a much better fit. (He’s a “Fudd” if I’ve ever heard of one.)

The Creepers are, as one pundit put it, “A conservative group whose members make Ted Nugent look like a bleeding-heart Rachel Maddow.” They claim to be defenders of the Constitution. (Or at least, their rather warped interpretation of it.)

These ‘Murican “patriots” are primarily composed of current and ex military and law enforcement types. Like all quasi-military groups, they pride themselves on following orders. Except, of course, their infamous “Declaration of Orders We Will NOT Obey.”

Orders like:

  • confiscate guns,
  • detain Americans as “unlawful enemy combatants” or to subject them to trial by military tribunal,
  • invade Texas or any other state if they secede from the country or,
  • enter a state in force without the express consent and invitation of that state’s legislature and governor.

It’s highly unlikely that any government entity would ever give them such orders. If the country ever devolves into a police state, the government has more than enough muscle to do this with their own people. They won’t need a bunch of mentally challenged ammosexuals to help out.

The Creepers might want to check with Herr Trump about that “detaining Americans as ‘unlawful enemy combatants’ or to subject them to trial by military tribunal” bit. He seems to be in favor of that.

Also, I don’t seem to recall the legislatures and governors of Nevada (Bundy Ranch Standoff) or Missouri (Ferguson) sending them an invitation.

In Nevada, they were too much even for the Bundy Bozos. The Security Chief kicked them out! In Ferguson, the St. Louis County police threatened them with arrest for acting as a security force without a license. They promptly left, tail tucked firmly between their legs. (Well, they needed something down there to fill the void.)

That should give you a general idea about these mental midgets. If you want to explore more (you masochist, you) check out their website, but keep the Emetrol handy.

Now, on to their latest idiocy.

Since a couple of ISIS idiots attacked a church and killed a priest in France, ol’ Elmer knows why it happened and who’s next.

As to why: because the “modern, emasculated, French metro-sexuals” at the church in Normandy that suffered the attack weren’t “real men.” (i.e. armed to the teeth)

As to who’s next? Us, of course! After all, isn’t everything about us?

According to the post on the Oaf Creepers’ website, ISIS has a “kill list” of nearly 15,000 Americans and they’re coming to a church near you.

But what about here in America? Are there real men in your church? Are they armed and ‘switched on’ during service, to safeguard the church and those who worship inside?… A church will be hit. And it might be yours. Get ready.

For those of you who are shaking in your boots, shoes, sandals, socks or whatever, not to worry. Elmer knows just how to handle the situation.

  1. Go armed to church… I recommend a reliable semi-automatic, high capacity handgun of at least 9mm caliber for that task, such as a Glock or Smith and Wesson M&P, with at least one spare magazine.
  2. Carry a backup gun, and/or a no-nonsense fixed blade knife as a backup, carried within easy reach of both your hands (carry it up front near your belt buckle).
  3. Have a couple shotguns (at least) discretely hidden within the church.
  4. Wear body armor under your suit.
  5. Have radios for communication
  6. Have an exterior armed security team.  It would be foolish to rely only on armed men inside the church.  You need men on the outside too.
  7. Have a layered security. Don’t rely on just one team, either outside or inside.  You need both.  And ideally, on the outside, in addition to the overt team manning the exterior entrances, you would also have someone in a discrete location, who is not easily seen by bad guys.
  8. All competent adults in the congregation should be armed.
  9. Train people in emergency medical and have trauma kits on hand.

There you have it, folks. The simple nine-step solution to your jihad problems. Simply turn your church, parish, temple or synagogue into an armed camp and all your worries will evaporate like mist on a summer morning.

Unless, of course, you’re attacked by suicide bombers. Then, you’re S.O.L.

p.s. Note to Elmer and the Oafs: “Real Men” don’t need to pack penis substitutes.

Featured image credit: Augustas Didžgalvis

Christian Terrorist Threatens to Hang Seven Mayors

Photo Credit: Arkansas Department of Corrections.

Photo Credit: Arkansas Department of Corrections.

Maverick Dean Bryan is a Christian. (Or, is that KKKhristian?) He’s also a convicted felon, the founder (and only known member) of the so-called “First Christian Militia of the USA” and a terrorist as well as a wannabe seditionist. In addition, he’s upset, VERY UPSET!

In fact, he’s so upset that he wrote letters to the mayors of Ashdown, De Queen, Hope, Lewisville, Murfreesboro, Nashville and Prescott, Arkansas threatening to hang them from “mighty oaks” if they don’t do what he tells them to do.

For starters, he’s pissed that schools are teaching common core and not Jesus Christ. (Or at least, his version of J.C.) He wants common core dropped and replaced with the bible. (He neglected to note which version is his preferred choice.)

Also, no more counting votes of any homosexual, Muslim, socialist, communist, atheist, or who worships a God besides Jesus Christ. Not only that, but he wants them kicked out of Arkansas. Oh, and he wants the mayors to hand over their counties to him.

Somehow, I get the feeling that Maverick doesn’t have a clue how things work on this level. Last I heard, mayors don’t run schools, don’t run election boards and don’t run counties. Although, if fairness, maybe they do on Maverick’s planet.

But, Maverick has greater ambitions than just setting Arkansas counties on the road to righteousness. He allegedly wants to kill every living American president, past and present, especially Jimmy Carter.

Not only that, but under the nom de plume of Lt. Gary Owen, he used a local shopper (Thrifty Nickle) to solicit $23,000,000 to overthrow the U.S. government. (Just a loan, mind you. He expected to have no problem repaying it from the spoils of war.)

Local law enforcement is well acquainted with Maverick. He was convicted of interstate motor vehicle theft in 1987 and has been arrested twice since then for possession of firearms. He is currently on probation for being a felon and wearing a .44 caliber pistol in a western style holster. When agents arrested him on March 18th, they found a shotgun in his home. (He seems to think that being in a “militia” trumps the law forbidding felons from firearm possession.)

On the 28th of March, U.S. Magistrate Judge Caroline Craven released him until his trial, however the local District Attorney requested a review of that decision by the U.S. District Court. On May 2nd, Judge Susan Hickey sent him back to jail, stating,

Defendant has an extensive criminal history involving the possession of firearms. In addition to his three previous convictions involving firearms, Defendant has admitted that he was impermissibly in possession of a firearm on the day of his arrest. Thus, Defendant has repeatedly demonstrated his unwillingness to abide by the laws concerning the possession of firearms by a convicted felon. This pattern of disobedience poses a threat to the safety of the community and gives the court little hope that Defendant would abide by any conditions set by this court.

Maverick faces a jury trial later this month. If convicted, he faces fines of up to $250,000 with five years in a federal prison, for each of the seven letters.

Glenn Beck: Elect Cruz Or Face Violent Revolution (VIDEOS)

Have you noticed how often Regressives and “Khristians” predict doom and gloom if things don’t go the way they want?

From Michele Bachmann predicting WWIII if the Iran deal went through,

With his Iran deal, Barack Obama is for the 300 million souls of the United States what Andreas Lubitz was for the 150 souls on the German Wings flight – a deranged pilot flying his entire nation into the rocks. After the fact, among the smoldering remains of American cities, the shocked survivors will ask, why did he do it?

To Rick Wiles claiming Big Daddy might fireball ‘Murica if SCOTUS didn’t rule against marriage equality,

America will be brought to its knees, there will be pain and suffering at a level we’ve never seen in this country. The word that I hear in my spirit is ‘fire.’ I do not know if it refers to riots or looting or war on American soil or a fireball from space. I simply know that a sweeping, consuming fire will come across the United States of America and this country will be charred and burned.

Not to be outdone by these “amateurs,” ol’ Glenn “Conspiracies-R-Me” Beck has chimed in with his half penny’s worth. Earlier this month, while claiming his filbert fantasies turn out to be true “80% of the time, or maybe more,” he claimed that if ‘Murica elected a socialist (Bernie), an authoritarian (Hairball), or status quo candidate (Hillary, Marcobot, Bush League II, a revolution would engulf the country.

I guess people were ignoring him or were too busy laughing to pay close attention because he brought this crackpot claim up again yesterday, on the campaign trail in Nevada.

He had the tea potty’s fav-o-rite pseudo-historian and graduate of Oral Roberts University, David Barton, (As a “historian,” he’s hysterical, if you’re into bad jokes.) on as a guest and they were crying in their beer (The root variety for Glenn, since he’s Mormon.) about poor Cruzy’s lousy 3rd place finish in S.C. In between sobs, the Beckster regurgitated his fantasy that the country would be mired in a revolution within a decade. Burton, who runs a pro-Cruzy PAC, readily agreed, saying his expert analysis of the exit polls confirmed this. (Sorry, but Burton couldn’t read the directions on a box of aspirin and get it right.)

Beck chimed in,

I’m telling you, we are on the path for revolution and a violent revolution. Right now, we’re talking about a velvet revolution, but if we make the wrong choice at this point – and I’ll make this case based on the polls and what we’re seeing and nobody in the media … they’re going to mock it. Don”t mock this warning! Please, don’t mock this warning.

Stay tuned!

Update On The Oregon Bird(brain) Refuge Occupiers

oregon_bloodbath_160127a-800x430Things are a mite quieter down at the ol’ Malheur National Wildlife & Birdbrain Refuge. Six of them fellers and one good ol’ gal got their behinds behind bars and one is fertilizing a future crop of daisies. Most of the rest of them “real ‘Murican patri-rats” took off for the four winds soon as they found out the fuzz had no problem adding a little lead to their diet. (And, they wouldn’t even have to go to Flint, MI for the treatment.)30A2034300000578-0-image-a-21_1453909054925-1Howsomever, there’s still four militia morons holding down the compound with a stock of penile substitutes in their arsenal. Seems several of the “stand your ground and shoot back” types got the hell outta Dodge so fast, they plumb forgot their shootin’ irons.

So, let us take a look-see at the goin’ ons, goin’ on.

The Bundy bros and four of their favorite Y’all Qaeda buds are currently guests of the Multnomah County Stony Lonesome. And, it looks like they’re gonna stick around for a spell. A mean ol’ federal judge (who according to them, ain’t got no business buttin’ into their business*) is giving them an all-expenses paid stay until it’s time to take the stand.

*There is no justice in a federal court. The feds have used the courts to take rights, not protect them. – Ammon Bundy, August 16, 2015

Seems the prosecutors pulled a nasty and argued that despite their short term residency out among the sagebrush and pygmy rabbits, they have no Oregon ties and no real reason to stick around and face the music. For instance, take a gander at what they said about poor Ammon:CZ6oJfyUEAA-2dF

Now, afore you start a thinkin’ that this is just another example of gay-lovin, ‘Murica-hatin’, hipster-toleratin’ liberal-ass Portland types bein’ mean to some good ol’ boys (and gal). Why, that’s far from the thing. Heckins, we were so dad-blamed happy they’re here, one of our fine establishments, (Voodoo Doughnuts, by handle) baked Ammon a (file-less) cake. Actually, it was a big doughnut, but the thought was there.Bundy-Donut

Oh, and that seventh hoosegow inhabitant, ‘Murica’s favorite Muslim-hatin’ gun slinger, Jon Ritzheimer, is currently a federal guest in Arizona. He missed all the Oregon fun and games on the 26th because he was on leave visiting his family in Peoria, AZ. He’ll find out next Tuesday (2/2/16) whether he can buy his way out till trial or join the gang in Portland.

Meanwhile, back at the compound, there are still four mental midgets who are contemplating suicide by law enforcement unless they can walk outta there with a “get out of jail” card. (Conventional wisdom says that just may happen 15 minutes after the sun rise in the west on Feb, the 30th.) Barring that, they are calling for reinforcements to join them in their suicide pact.

Most patri-rat militias have turned down the honor of dying for the cause, but one, the Pacific Patriots Network, has issued a call for action. They called it “peaceful,” but it don’t look too darn peaceful, particularly when their demands get laughed at.kben9gskggjchuzr9iajxioft5t8b4owriwfyaso

However, those damn interfering feds have the area sealed off for a 50 mile diameter. There are also rumors, that they’ve beefed up their forces with armored vehicles and a Blackhawk. (And, I ain’t talking about a big bird.) No word on whether drones have been deployed, but it wouldn’t surprise me none.

There’s this tea potty myth goin’ round that AK47 armed “real ‘Muricans” can defeat the government in their fight for “freedom.” We just may find out, but I wouldn’t ante up much money on it (unless it’s Confederate coin).duck_dynastymeme

Y’all stay tuned! It ain’t over till the fat guy squeals.

Conspiracy Nut: Oregon Occupation Is “False Flag”

Ranchers_who_inspired_Oregon_occupation__1_29374676_ver1.0_640_480What began on Saturday as a peaceful march by hog leg totin’ ammosexuals, turned into an act of seditious conspiracy when they motored 30 miles south of Burns, Oregon and took over the headquarters of the Malheur Wildlife Refuge.

18 U.S. Code 2384: If two or more persons in any state or territory conspire to overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States…or by force seize, take, or possess any property of the United States contrary to the authority thereof, they shall each be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than twenty years, or both.

In the three days following this criminal act, the Bundy boys and their bunch of bozos have managed to embarrass themselves, the Mormon Church and most importantly, their fellow filberts. Even troglodytes such as Teddy Cruzy (the Joe McCarthy reincarnation) and Randy Paul (the Libertarian plagiarist) have called for an end to this fiasco. This is a very inconvenient situation for the wing-nuts as it puts the focus back on right-wing domestic terrorism just when they want to blame Black and Islamic elements for these types of incidents.

However, when the knuckle draggers are backed into a corner and running out of alibis, there’s always the old standby: blame it on the Black guy. (aka IT’S OBAMA’S FAULT!)

Sure enough, riding to the rescue is the “King of the Conspiracy Kooks.” Alex Jones.

Yesterday (1/4/16) Addlepated Alex guaranteed that the Bundy bozos been infiltrated by government agents. (Or, maybe they were George Soros minions.) Jones said that the militia’s actions will serve to “legitimize” President Obama’s executive actions on gun reform and pave the way for “even more draconian executive actions on guns” You’ve heard this song before: “He’s Coming to Take Your Guns Away, Ha Ha. (It’s been #1 with a bullet for seven straight years.)

Guaranteed provocateurs are showing up and other things are happening, the whole Soros group is saying, ‘Here are our white terrorists, here are our cowboy-hat wearing terrorists,’ it gives them the backdrop they need, they want to start a civil war.

I’ve always been under the impression that governments don’t start civil wars. That was the job of the unloyal opposition. But then, I went to school before Regressives gained control of Arizona education.

The timing is out of control and I understand there’s been demonstrations going on there for years and then, magically, this happens at this point.
I’ve lived in Oregon for 42 years, with a good amount of that time working in media and I’ve never heard a peep about any demonstrations in Burns. However, I don’t wear a tinfoil fedora, so maybe I just wasn’t tuned in.
 Alex went on to claim, that like the “false flag” Oklahoma City bombing, this was an attempt to discredit wing-nuts, and gun-butts like The DONALD.
If you’re into half-baked conspiracy theories, here’s the vid. (As usual, byo Emetrol.)

Stay tuned!


Another Weird Week in Cruz(y) Country (VIDEO)

Cruzy the ClownWhen the Regressive presidential wannabes boarded the Bozo Bus (Last cycle’s Clown Car is way too small this time around.) I figured Teddy Boy Cruz would be the biggest filbert in the batch. Little did I realize how stiff the competition was going to be. He’s not only been out-nuttied by Dr. Ben Crazy, but most of all, by The Great American Hairball, the DONALD, himself. But, Teddy Boy is crazy like a fox. Truth be told, he’s probably the smartest Bozo on the bus. (He’s a Hahvuhd alumni and all that.)

While His Hariness sucked up all the media hot air and Dr. Crazy climbed the hill and jumped off the cliff, (His poll numbers are in free fall.) Cruzy was stocking up the Benjamins, (As of the last reporting period, he had the most cash on hand.) me too-ing the DONALD and reaching out to religious troglodytes. His semi-stealth campaign (Well, semi-stealth for him, anyway.) is starting to pay dividends. As Dr. Crazy was burnishing his idiot savant credentials, a lot of his base decided he was too wacko even for them. The prime beneficiary of the outflux turned out to be Cruzy.

If fact, the top political story on Monday would have been a Monmouth University poll that showed Cruzy leading His Hairness in Iowa, 24% to 19%. That is, it would have been if not for the DONALD doing his best impression of Uncle Adolf to date. There are those (myself included) who speculate that Trump went on his Islamophobic rampage to distract attention from the poll. (Btw, it worked beautifully, with the added bonus of boosting Trumps poll numbers up several notches.)

But, that’s just Monday. Let’s check out some of the other goings on in Cruzy Country this past week. (BYO nose plugs.)

Last Saturday, Teddy Boy addressed the “Rising Tide Summit” in Iowa.

We will utterly destroy ISIS. We will carpet bomb them into oblivion. I don’t know if sand can glow in the dark, but we’re going to find out.

Sand glowing in the dark? Well, nukes would probably cause the sand to glow. He can’t be referring to conventional bombs, because we have dropped so many on ISIS already (20,000+) that we’re running out.

Dropping nukes in Syria or Iraq is NOT a good idea. There are somewhere between 30,000 and 100,000 ISIS fighters in the area. A nuclear attack could kill millions, mostly innocent civilians, radicalizing even more of the Arab middle east. Then there’s the refugee problem. Even the credible threat of a nuclear strike would cause so many to flee that the current problem would look like a Sunday picnic by comparison.

Here’s his speech. (Keep the Emetrol handy.)

At a press conference on Tuesday, he claimed that he didn’t agree with the DONALD’s proposal, while at the same time, he applauded his leadership on immigration.  (That’s known as having it both ways.) He also took the opportunity to join with Texas governor, Greg Abbott, in proposing a moratorium on Syrian refugees and allowing Islamophobic governors to opt out of letting refugees settle in their state. (Like most Regressives, Teddy Boy has a very twisted view of the Constitution, especially in the federal supremacy area.)

Also on Tuesday, Cruzy held a climate denying hearing, inviting several anti-climate change witnesses. It was extremely one-sided to say the least. Here’s a few of Teddy Boys’ bovine droppings:

CO2 isn’t bad, because we’ve had more CO2 in our atmosphere then we have right now.

Actually, that statement is true. The last time that happened was millions of years ago. Back then, the world’s seas were up to 100 feet higher than they are today, and the global average surface temperature was up to 11°F warmer than it is now.

Arctic and Antarctic ice are both increasing.

Partially true. While the Antarctic land is shrinking, the Antarctic sea ice is increasing. However, Antarctic sea ice melts every year. As far as Arctic ice, check out the chart.Figure31-300x224

It doesn’t matter than 97 percent of scientists agree about climate change, because 97 percent of scientists said the sun rotated around the earth in the 1600s.

In the 1600’s scientists didn’t use the scientific method. Scientists were philosophers and ideologues, thinking about what made sense to them, rather than conducting experiments.

Satellite data shows no warming for the last 18 years.

13 of the 15 warmest years ever recorded have happened since the year 2000. This year we are about  to set a new record as the hottest year ever recorded.

Is it any wonder that Michael Mann, a Pennsylvania State University meteorology professor wrote,

This individual understands less about science (and climate change) than the average kindergartner. That sort of ignorance would be dangerous in a doorman, let alone a president.
On Wednesday, this avid anti-terrorist skipped two senate hearings on homeland security and ISIS. One featured FBI Director, James Comey, discussing the San Berardino shooting and the other was Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on America’s strategy to combat ISIS. Teddy Boy had other plans for the day. He was up in NYC hustling Wall Street money. (Hey, important things prevail.)

Which brings us to today. (Thursday) Bob Vander Platts, an extremely influential (with troglodytes) Iowa powerbroker/evangelical leader gave Cruzy his endorsement.

The extraordinary leader that we need for these extraordinary times is U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz.

Stay tuned!

Wing-nut Site “Proves” Planned Parenthood Killer is a Liberal (VIDEO)

terroristcolFIYesterday (11/28/15), I wrote a post on the Regressive reaction to the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood murders. The reaction was about what I expected from these troglodytes. It ran the gamut from trying to claim it was all a botched bank robbery, to a call for Planned Parenthood to apologize for saying something they hadn’t said, to calling the murderer a hero, to (altogether now) “IT’S OBAMA’S FAULT!” The only claim I didn’t run across was that a liberal was responsible for the killings.

I didn’t look hard enough! Enter stage right (extreeeeme right): “AMERICA’S FREEDOM FREEDUMB FIGHTERS

AFF, to those of its readers that struggle with words over four letters, is a fountain of male bovine fecal matter. I’ll treat(?) you to a quick glance at some of the site’s head (as in toilet) lines before I get to the subject of this rant:


  • Liberal COWARDS Make SICKENING Move In Middle Of The Night To DESTROY America’s Heritage… (That one was about some state workers moving a 10 Commandments monument from the Oklahoma Capitol grounds to a conservative think(?) tank’s grounds.)
  • ATHEISTS DECLARE ALL OUT WAR! NOW THEY’RE TARGETING YOUR CHILDREN! (Atheists had the audacity to put up the billboard below.)atheists
  • OUTRAGEOUS!!! Islamic group gets go-ahead to cut crosses off NY church! (It seems that the church was sold  to an Isamic group for conversion to a Mosque named “The Mosque of Jesus Son of Mary” and the cross isn’t an Islamic icon.)
  • Three Of These Republican Presidential Candidates DON’T Own A Gun… (Ah yes, what’s a better place for a post about guns than under “Religion”.)


  • ANOTHER BANKER FOUND DEAD IN APPARENT MURDER-SUICIDE (VIDEO) (They’re entertained by a murder-suicide? That’s SICK!)

And finally, what could be more apropos for an entertainment post than this;


There’s tons more, but I think you’ve got the flavor and I need to get back on point.

  • BOMBSHELL: Colorado Shooter Is A LEFT-WING LIBERAL LUNATIC! Here’s The BIZARRE Part(Actually, as you’ll notice, the whole damn post is BIZZARE!)

The post starts out by purporting to show a voter registration form in which the shooter (I refuse to publicize the asshole’s name!)  claims to be female. However, the links on the form don’t link so there’s no way to confirm that it’s real. Even if it is real, which I have my doubts, he could have just been drunk or confused. (He doesn’t appear to be the brightest bulb in the tulip patch.)

The post writer then states that the killings may not have had anything to do with Planned Parenthood.

One FACT liberals are missing is that the shooting actually began at a nearby Chase Bank. It’s entirely possible his motives had nothing to do with Planned Parenthood.

The problem with that claim is that it’s a lie. According to the Colorado Springs Police Department,

This incident did start with the Planned Parenthood building.

The post then goes on to highlight his criminal past which mostly consists of minor traffic violations, a couple counts of cruelty to animals and a “peeping tom” charge. He was found innocent in the cruelty charges and the “peeping tom” charge was dropped.

While the above may not prove one thing or another to you and me, the post writer knows better.

Now, being A CHRISTIAN RIGHT WINGER myself, I consider myself to be a good judge of who is a right wing patriot and who is a liberal scumbag.

The writer then proceeds to list the “proofs” that the domestic terrorist isn’t a white right-wing christian domestic terrorist after all, he’s a white left-wing christian domestic terrorist.

  1. A man who thinks he’s a woman- LIBERAL
  2. A man who commits acts of cruelty to animals- LIBERAL
  3. Being a ‘peeping Tom’DEFINITELY A LIBERAL

You won’t see the liberal lamestream media report this as they are hell bent on blaming the right wing Christian terrorist because after all, we are the biggest threat to America, right?

Look, they want to take our guns, our religion, our rights and transform America into a socialist cesspool. Liberals are scumbags.

There you have it folks, proof positive (if your I.Q. is 65 or lower) that the terrorist isn’t a right-winger, he’s a damned Libtard!

Of course, there is the inconvenient (for the post writer) fact that according to a police official, the domestic terrorist made a comment about “no more baby parts” after his arrest. For a bit more on that, check out Planned Parenthood Domestic Terrorist: ‘No More Baby Parts’.

Regressive Reaction to the Planned Parenthood Murders


In the wake of the Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood murders, the Regressive reaction is about what you’d expect. (Which is, in itself, a sad commentary of the state of this nation.)

The first attempt at claiming this wasn’t a terrorist attack on PP (Which it is!*) was Breitbart and others claiming the shooter was a bank robber, chased away from Chase. (Four “Pinocchios” on that one.)

According to the Colorado Springs Police Department,

This incident did start with the Planned Parenthood building.

As the situation developed, the CEO of Planned Parenthood Rocky Mountains released a statement that said in part,

We don’t yet know the full circumstances and motives behind this criminal action, and we don’t yet know if Planned Parenthood was in fact the target of this attack.

In response, while the shooting was still going on in the Planned Parenthood building, Regressive congressman, Adam Kinzinger, went on CNN to demand an apology from Planned Parenthood if the killing wasn’t about Planned Parenthood. (Which she hadn’t said it was.)

If we find out he was not targeting Planned Parenthood, I would fully expect an apology from the Planned Parenthood director for saying that.

So, since Planned Parenthood was the target, can we expect an apology from congressman, Andam Kinzinger? (Don’t hold your breath!)B

While it unfolded, both Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders expressed their support of Planned Parenthood.

Today and every day, we – Hillary

We proudly of Colorado Springs and the brave law enforcement personnel who fought to protect it. – Bernie

And, from the passengers on the “Bozo Bus,” we heard                                              (cue the crickets.)

Given their history of spewing verbal diarrhea, it’s probably for the best that they kept their traps shut. Although, in fairness, Teddy Cruz did issue a tweet,

Praying for the loved ones of those killed, those injured & first responders who bravely got the situation under control in Colorado Springs.

(Because praying helps so much more than actually taking action to reduce the number of these situations.)

And then came the avalanche of twits tweeting on twitter:

Is it a drone free zone? Bomb the planned death center.

Well I guess as active shooters go, you can’t choose a better place to have your little rampage

Too bad the abortion doctor and the nursing staff weren’t all killed.

planned parenthood kills a million babies and no one bats and eye. but 1 brave hero tries to put a stop to that, everybody loses their minds.

It’s probably a black guy that couldn’t get a 10 piece chicken nugget from McDonalds going on a rampage….

their only shooting liberals  so like who really cares

Stupid  PP is a hard target, wait for them to leave and follow them home and get them there.

PlannedParenthood butchers babies and you cry terrorism over a lone gunman.

PlannedParenthood is upset they cannot sell police officer’s body parts.

And, you knew this one was coming.

obama set this one up!!!! he is so sick!!!

Of course this last comment was right up Bullshit Mtn’s alley. (If a mountain can have an alley.) They brought on one of their “experts” (an ex-cop) who had this to say,

Again, this is our president acting like a fool. I mean to see something like this, we noticed when the attacks occurred in Paris, when the cops were in their car getting attacked, we have to prepare ourselves. This is a war. We’re against… terrorists are against this country.

He’s partially right. This was a terrorist act. But, guess what? The terrorist wasn’t ISIS, an Syrian refugee, a Muslim or even a black. He’s a white “christian.”

This is the direct result of the lies and demagoguery of the Regressive politicians, pundits and political organizations. The blood is on their hands, although they’ll refuse to take any blame. In fact, if the past is any indication, they will decide that this wasn’t a terrorist act, it was simply a shooting by a poor mentally disturbed “lone wolf.”

*Terrorism is the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives.Federal Bureau of Investigation