Alex Jones Warning: The Deep State May Nuke D.C.

Every time I think the “tinfoil-toupeed-troglodytes” can’t possibly top their insanity, along comes Alex Jones! And, believe me, the conspiratorial heir to Glenn Beck (Whatever happened to ol‘ “Cryin’ Eyes” anyway?) has come up with a beaut!

Today on “InfoWars,” he exposed the latest plot by the dreaded (but non-existent) “Deep State.” It turns out, according to the latest flash from Planet Nibiru, that the “D.S.” wants to take out Trump so bad, they’re willing to take a few million people with him.

That’s not “take out” as in go on a date, that’s “take out” as in nuking Washington D.C..

This is the time they’re going to do it.

He started out by claiming the Devin Nunes memo (which Alex ain’t seen!) proves the national security agencies are in cahoots with those damn Dems in a plot to take  down Hair Fuhrer.

They’re on TV saying, ‘Trump, we’re coming for you. We’re going to kill you,’ to make it look like everything was peachy keen for all their operatives and their deep state people.

He also thinks (I really hate to use that word in conjunction with Alex.) that this will spell doom for the dreaded Deep State.

Alex then compared his own audience to rebels in “Star Wars,” trying to take out the Death Star.

We’re about to squeeze the trigger and fire those torpedoes down the main reactor shaft, or you can put us in the other seat. We’re Darth Vader and here comes a Millennium Falcon. We’ve got to blow that thing up, politically.

(I’m sorry, but in this reality, Donald Trump is Darth Vader!)

So I’d be watching all sixes right now for what they’re going to pull. They want to set a nuke off in D.C.? They want to pull some kind of hanky-panky? This is the time they’re going to do it.

Stay tuned! Even more insanity is sure to follow!

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