Alex Jones: ‘I Think They​’​re Going To Kill The President’ In The ‘Next 30 Days’

Yesterday’s [12/18/17] InfoWars was a gas! (Of the CH4, aka “ass gas,” variety.)

On the show, Alex Jones explained that, In aid of his continuing conspiracy quest, his intestines clued him into a hot one. (“Hot” compared to 0 degrees Kelvin, that is.) It seems the the “Deep-State, Justice Department/FBI Division” is being run by “maybe 15 people,” and they have murder on their minds. The target? It’s “Everybody’s Favorite President!” (Well, everybody in ‘Murica, anyway.).  I think the technical term is for that is “ASSassination,” or “Rumpicide,” or maybe “Cleanup on Aisle 4.”

He doesn’t name all of the 15, but there’s a few that ring a bell. Like the Clintons, Jim Comey, Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch. Strangely, Jones didn’t mention Obama or Mueller, but he did mention Peter Strzok, the lawyer Mueller fired for calling Trump an idiot! (That’s modern American politics, where you get fired for stating the obvious!)

According to Alex, they’ve all got their “Captain Underpants” underpants twisted around over fear of having to eat that awful food at “Club Fed” for the rest of their lives.

As Alex expressed it,

They’re now at the full cornered hyena point, and we’re moving in for the political final blow, and they​’re​ going to hit us ​with ​whatever else they got.

Their solution? According to Alex’s intestines, they’re going to take out Trump!

I think they’re going to go ahead and make their move to kill the president. I think in the next 30 days, I think they’re going to make an assassination attempt. I just — my gut — I see all of them together, they’re that desperate.

Alex’s intestines aren’t the only ones “in the know.” He went on to state, “a lot of my smart sources agree with that.” (Of course, compared to Jones, my dog is a smart source, and I don’t have a dog.)

But, the “Fearsome 15” are not the only problem,

They’ve got a lot of mentally ill Democrats and people inside the Secret Service, inside other places in government.

(Aka “Never-Trumpers?”)

Whenever the Clintons and the Obamas would go into military areas they would have everybody take the clips, the magazines, the ammunition out of their firearms. Trump isn’t doing that. They are not taking the ammunition out , and I don’t think they should.

Alex has obviously never been in the military! Military personel do NOT walk around base with loaded guns unless they’e MPs or Security! Therefore, the proceeding is just a hot, steaming pile of bovine bowel movement.

But, never let reality get in the way of a good(?) conspiracy.

And the president, if he is going to get killed, he’s ready to get killed that’s just where this is going to go next.

He’s ready to get killed? Are you kidding me? Herr Rump of Orange is one of the bigest cowards in American politics. (And, that’s saying a hell of a lot!)

Stay tuned!

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