Mark Taylor: 5000 Powerful Pedophile Satanists Will Face Tribunals That Will ‘Make Nuremberg Look Like A Cakewalk’

If Mark Taylor keeps this up, he’s bound to win the Ignominy Award [The “Iggy”] for “Wacko of the Week.”

The “Iggy”

For those of you who have had the good fortune of not knowing who the hell he is or what his claim to fame is, the following is a great example of what it takes to become a right-wing hero:

He dreamed Trump (aka: “Rump”) would be elected President!

That’s it folks! That’s what it takes. (Before then, he was a fireman, but “propheting” is much more profitable, so now he calls himself “The Firefighter Prophet.”)

Of course, a dream like that just gets you noticed. To keep being noticed, you have to keep topping yourself. And Marvelous Markie tries. Lord, he does try!

For instance, back in September, he claimed “Satan’s frequency” was keeping people from seeing that God was using Rump to save ‘Merica.

The same month, (actually, the next day) he came up with this doozy:

Baal is the strongman, because the aborted babies are the food source that is empowering Baal.

(Sort of Soylent Green for the supernatural, I guess.)

Then just last month he claimed that the Illuminati hit Texas and Florida with hurricanes to punish Trump voters. (That almost got him “The Iggy,” but the competition was especially fierce that week.)

This week, he’s back in the running with another frantically fractured, fantastically flawed, filbert fantasy. (I love alliteration!)

Monday, he showed up on Dave Daubenmire’s “Pass The Shi Salt Live” webcast to pass on the results of his latest tinfoil toupee slippage.

According to the brain waves from Planet Nibiru, Rump has almost 5000 indictments armed and ready to take down high-profile satanists and pedophiles. (Rump’s probably just pissed because he wasn’t invited to the party!)

And, wouldn’t you know it, Obama and both Clintons are on the list.

This corruption goes so deep and so wide and so long that it is going to take military-style tribunals to deal with the treasonous acts that are being committed right now in the United States. You are going to see people get rounded up that are going to blow your mind.

The pedophilia and the child sacrifice thing, I think it is absolutely huge. It is going to boggle the mind when they find out and start digging … Strap in, get ready for the ride because this is going to be going on for years, these military-style tribunals. They’re going to make Nuremberg look like a cakewalk.

Of course, he hasn’t one iota of proof of any of this, but since when has that meant a damn thing to “wrong-wing” troglodytes.

Stay tuned! (And, check out my “Wacko of the Week” post this Sunday, and see how he stacks up against the competition.)


Featured Image Credit: YouTube screen capture

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