Liz Crokin: Trump Is Infallible Because He’s ‘God’s Anointed’

If you follow my “Wacko of the Week” column on Sundays (Shameless plug #568259), you may remember Liz Crokin. A couple of weeks ago, she was a nominee for her examination of the use of “The Wizard of Oz” to create child sex slaves.

Or, maybe you remember her from the Hillary Clinton sex tape that was going to prove Pizzagate was real. My personal favorite Crokin crack-up was her claim that a third of the government are involved in a Satanic pedophile ring.

Methane mouth was at it again this week. She, along with BFF troglodyte, Crystal Myers-Barber, posted a video on her FaceBook page in which she declared Trump to be infallible. (Robert Mueller may have a slightly different take on the matter.)

At one point in the video, they started discussing Trump’s claim that Joe Scarborough should be investigated for the murder of one of his interns several years ago. And, since it was Trump alleging that Joe was involved, Joe was involved. After all, when the Twit-in-Chief tweets something,

He is never wrong. President Trump is 15 steps ahead of everyone else.

Everything Trump says is eventually proven to be true. Trump would not make an allegation suggesting that Joe Scarborough had something to do with an intern’s murder if it wasn’t true.

  1. According to almost every fact-checking organization, Trump (or as I refer to him, “Rump”) lies 3/4 of the time.
  2. The intern’s death was investigated! It found that Scarborough had nothing to do with the intern’s death.
  3. It was not “murder.” She suffered from an abnormal heart rhythm and lost consciousness, and collapsed, striking her head.
  4. Rump’s tweet was nothing more than a bit of “theater” to distract from the Mike Flynn bombshell, he knew was comming. (Rump has a habit of this. Whenever he really goes off on a wild tangent, you can expect some nasty news about him within a day or so.)

Then the video really took off for Planet WooWoo, when Myers-Barber said,

We can see the fruit of Jesus manifesting in his life. He has a prophetic nature about him. It is like God is guiding him and he is very protected.

Crokin then “iced the cake,”

God is guiding him and he is God’s anointed.

As proof of this “truth,” Crokin cited Mark Taylor’s claim that if anybody says bad things about Rump, Big Daddy will lay some “hurt” on them.

Mark Taylor, a multi-time nominee for “Wacko of the Week,” (Shameless plug #568260) once dreamed Rump would be president. This makes him, to the filbert fantasy crowd, a prophet. (And, he’s been trying to turn “prophet” into “profit,” ever since.)

As proof of Taylor’s truthiness, She brought up New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham’s broken ankle, claiming it was divine retrobution because Beckham “lifted his leg during the national anthem and said that he was peeing on President Trump.”

Anyone that tries to hurt President Trump is immediately shot down.

A couple minor problems with that.

  1. Although Beckham did suffer a broken ankle in a football game, (And as we all know, nobody ever gets injured just playing football.) the “pee on Trump” thing NEVER HAPPENED!
  2. There are a hell of a lot of people who badmouth Rump (myself included) and the vast majority of us are doing just fine, thank you very much.

If you have a heavy supply of Emetrol, you can watch the whole FB video here. If you’re down to just a couple of pills, check out the “Reader’s Digest version” below.

Stay tuned! I have a sneaky feeling the insanity will continue.

Oh, and check out “Wacko of the Week” every Sunday for more filbert fantasies. It’s conveniently located right here at RDTdaily! (Shameless plug #568261)


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