Was SNL’s Sketch Prepping The Public For The Revolution?

Saturday Night Live has always been political, because their audience is political. Doesn’t matter if you’re a progressive Democrat or a regressive Republican. If you’re president, they’re going to have some laughs on you. And, if you’re an anal pit (aka “rump”) they’re not going to be too subtle about it.

Last Saturday night, SNL featured a slow jam, “Come Back Obama,” which was a bit more subtle than most of their material. However, as per usual, the “Tinfoil Troopers” were on the alert for any shenanigans that normal people (those with mental capacity) were missing,

And, by jingo, they found something. (At least Rick Wiles did!) Of course, that “something” was about as logical as 2+2=a pink & purple giraffe.

According to the Rickster, the song was a call for revolution.

They’re prepping the public for the revolution. We’re going to topple Donald Trump, we’re going to bring back Barack Obama, we’re going to throw out the Constitution and we’re going to start a new country.

OOOKAY! “Throw out the Constitution?” “Start a new country?” Was that in the 3rd or 4th verse? I somehow missed those parts.

It confirms what I said a year ago. Barack Obama will run the country as a president in exile. All of this ‘Resist Trump’ garbage is all being directed by Barack Hussein Obama.

Sorry Ricky, but it doesn’t confirm a damn thing! (Unless it’s the fact that you’re an idiot!) The “Big O” has been otherwise occupied this last year. Plus, as quickly as things are slipping down the flush hole, whoever IS running the country is doing a piss-poor job of it. And, although you’ll never admit it, that’s probably the reason for “all of this ‘Resist Trump’ garbage!”

Oh, and here’s the offending song ICYMI.

Stay tuned!


Featured Image Credit: YouTube screen capture

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