Walmart Tunnels: Conduits For DUMBS, FEMA, Chinese Or Cheap Labor?


In doing research for my post on Jade Helm 15, I ran across references to “Walmart tunnels”. Tunnels supposedly constructed to help the Feds take over Texas. (Earth to dumb-butt conspiracy theorists: The Feds took over Texas back in 1845 and again in 1865. They are still there in force, or haven’t you noticed all those military bases?) Then I ran across several wing-nut sites that suggested there were other nefarious reasons for the tunnels.

Now, there’s no real proof that they even exist and Walmart denies that they do. (Of course, they would say that, wouldn’t they?) Anyway, I decided to check out the theories to sort out the bovine scat and the equine scat from the sapien scat.

The Background:

About the same time as the threat(?) of Jade Helm 15 reared it’s head, Walmart announced the abrupt closure of five (out of 4520) stores for “plumbing problems.” The stores are due to be closed for six months.


To the addled intellects of the “conspiracies-R-us” crowd, there had to be a connection between the store closings and Jade Helm. (Btw, only two of the five stores are in Texas. Maybe Florida, Oklahoma and California are marked for later federal invasion???)

According to Snopes, there are problems with the “plumbing problems” scenario:

  • Six months is way too long to fix plumbing problems, even if you have to replace the entire main sewer line.
  • Tampa station, WFLA reported that the company never said anything about plumbing to the county. County Commissioner, Victor Crist said they were only told about repairs and updates.
  • The county was also informed that the resulting employee layoffs are permanent. (More on that little tidbit later.)
  • Another Tampa station, WTSP checked with the county and found no code or permit violations and no permit applications. (Major work on plumbing and sewage requires all sorts of permits.) Also, there were no plumbing or septic trucks or workers at the site.
  • A third Tampa station, WFTS, also reported that the store, as well as the California store have a history of union battles (Like I said, more on that later.)
  • Much the same scenario with the California store: No plumbing permits applied for.
  • According to ABC, The Midland, Texas store does have a long history of plumbing problems. However, according to an employee, in the three years she worked at the store, she never saw an out-of-order sign in the restrooms or a plumber working on any problems. When the city plumbing inspector came by to help them apply for permits, he was sent away.

The Fantasies:

Of course, as are many things in the wing-nut fantasy bubble, it’s all a gubment plot!

Walmart ‘Plumbing’ Issue Related To DHS Underground Tunnel Network: ‘This Is A Very Real Situation’SHTF Plan

Is Walmart Connecting To The US Underground Tunnel Network?The Freedom Articles

According to several sites, the store closings are a coverup to allow the DHS connect those stores to the nation-wide network of secret tunnels. The tunnel system will make it easier for the gubment to move troops around when they impose martial law.

Of course, according to the map below, the tunnel system has been up and running since 1978. (And still no martial law.)


Now, before you start swallowing this, hook, line & stinker, there are a couple of things to think about. First of all, on the above map there are between 20 & 25,000 miles of tunnel indicated. Considering that a single track tunnel would run in the very expensive neighborhood of $300,000,000 a mile, based on the costs of current subway projects, that comes to between 6 & 7.5 trillion dollars. (No wonder taxes are so high.) Even spread out over a few years, that’s a hell of a lot of money. The total GNP for the entire country is just less than 17 trillion dollars. And how do you hide $6,000,000,000+ in the budget? (Somebody’s bound to notice something screwy.)

Then there are all those tunnel borers, capable of boring 32 foot wide tunnel. Have you ever seen one of those suckers? They’re a bit large to hide in the back of a truck. Not to mention that there aren’t that many tunnel borers in the world. Then you have all those tunnel workers that would need to keep the secret. Also, there’s dirt disposal and a few other practical considerations that don’t seem to exist in FantasyLand.

The interstate highway system was built to enable faster military transportation in time of war. That’s not fantasy, that’s a well-known fact. The economic and social side effects were just that. So why does the military need tunnels? Because travel in the tunnels is by 1,500 mph mag-lev train. (Japan must be soooo jealous!)

Oh, and before I forget, the tunnels are supposed to be up to four miles down under. I guess somebody forgot to tell the tin-foil turban brigade that the temperature four miles down is a bit over the boiling point of water, between 100 & 200 degrees Celsius (212 to 392 degrees Fahrenheit).

Another theory, in which the tunnels may or may not be connected to the national tunnel network, is DUMB (Deep Underground Military Base).


According to the Viral Tater site, there are 131 DUMBs in the US. (And, it seems, a hell of a lot more dummies!) The “Before It’s News” website claims there are 140 DUMBs. Also, according to Before It’s News, the bases are 10 to 30 miles across. That’s the equivalent of 16,500 to 148,500 miles of tunnel per base or $4.95 trillion to $4.455 quadrillion per base. (Is there that much money in the world?) And, that doesn’t include all the fixtures, such as buildings and other necessities.

But that’s minor. Here’s the kicker: The bases are occupied by aliens along with the military. And no, I’m not talking about Mexicans or Chinese, these are extraterrestrials. Nephilim, to be precise. They’re mentioned in the bible a couple of times:

The Nephilim were on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of man and they bore children to them. Genesis 6:4

And there we saw the Nephilim (the sons of Anak, who come from the Nephilim), and we seemed to ourselves like grasshoppers, and so we seemed to them. Numbers 13:33

Btw, the 1500 mph meg-levs were their idea.

Some bone-brains think that instead of being connected to a national network, they may just be regional.

The Underground Tunnels Connecting Wal-Marts Throughout The SouthAbove Top Secret

Or, they may just connect to the local DUMB or maybe the local FEMA Re-education Center.

Walmart Closings, Jade Helm And The China Connection – Are Some Walmart Supercenters Being Refitted Into ‘Processing’ Centers For Americans?All News Pipeline

To quote All News Pipeline,

Detention centers? Processing centers? Centralized and controlled distribution centers?…This almost HAS to be martial law. Perhaps it is related to the planned financial collapse. What ever really is up…SOMETHING IS UP!..

And, since Walmart has stores in China, they must be in cahoots (wherever that is) with that Communist regime. I mean, All News Pipeline wouldn’t print this unless they had real proof, would they? Evidently, they do (at least by their standards).

While the young black man was trying to pull out the manual ladder we heard the equipment that has the warning signal when it is backing up. My husband & I looked to see a Chinese man in his late 20’s very physically fit, like a soldier, driving an automated lift. It was apparent that he was using more sophisticated automated equipment that the average employee was not allowed to use. It also appeared he was a man with authority. The average employee had to use the manual ladder. This Chinese man was clearly someone with more authority. He spoke English but with a VERY HEAVY Mandarin accent as if he just stepped off the boat from China.

My husband & I couldn’t help but notice it appears WalMart is now operated by Chinese management, possibly even military management, that are still more out of site from the average American shopper. As if they are keeping them in the back. We sense it is only a matter of days before our local WalMart is completely and overtly run by the Chinese, possibly even the Chinese military. No more just “Made In China” but now owned, operated, and controlled by the Chinese. Lord have mercy!

Then, last Saturday, (5/2/15) This got posted:

NEW WALMART INFO! Yes, They Are Detention Centers! Shocking Revelations!Before It’s News

The web site’s sources are three-year old posts from various “prophecy sites”. (Prophecy sites?? Well then, you just know it’s got to be the gospel truth.) Here’s part of the prophecy. For the rest, check out the last link.

All of a sudden, I was standing at the back of the store. The store manager was standing in front of a set of doors marked Personnel Only. I noticed he had on dog tags as well. He was telling the people that only four people could go with him at a time to be processed in to get their vouchers for the free stuff. He had them line up two on the left and two on the right behind him. As they went through the first set of doors, there was a breezeway area, then another set of metal doors. He was telling these people that when they went through the next set of doors, there would be two women sitting at a desk and to go up to the desk and wait. As soon as these people got up to the desk and the second set of doors closed, four very large men (they looked like sumo wrestlers) came up behind these people, put their hands over their mouths and gave them some kind of a shot. Then these soldiers took their drivers license and car keys from them. (I believe the drivers license represents taking away their identity or place in Christ and the car keys represent taking away their freedom; they NOW belong to the beast — lock, stock and barrel!)

Btw, the preceding was revealed in a dream.

The Facts:

Jade Helm 15 is a military war game to enhance military capability in modern warfare.

Walmart is closing 5 stores in four states.

The only commonality between the five Walmart stores is a history of labor issues.

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