Fox News – Obama Will Alter The First Amendment To Align With Sharia Law

Screenshot-2014-05-04-16.59.59Last November, I did a post about a Fox contributor (paid consultant) by the name of Dr. Keith Ablow. Dr. Keith, a psychiatrist, was advocating for an American Jihad.

As I was watching, I thought, “Why would a major news organization allow their facilities used to propagate this vile nonsense?” But, once again, this is Fox, and they’re not really a “news” organization.

Which brings us to today’s subject: “Judge” Jeanine Pirro. Judge Jeanine is a bit more intelligent than your average Fox News wench. She should be, she’s an ex-district attorney and an honest to goodness, real life, ex-judge.

She’s also a politician. She was elected district attorney, but other than that, she hasn’t been too successful. She ran for Lt. Governor and dropped out after 2 days. She ran for Senator against Hillary and dropped out of that race as well. She ran for NY Attorney General and lost that race 58%-39%

Like way too many failed Republican politicians, she found a home at Fox: “Justice with Judge Jeanine“. Her show is supposed to be focused on legal issues, but hey folks, this is Fox!

Last Sunday (1/11) Judge Jeanine had a few things to say about the Charlie Hebdo killings. Or rather she had a few things to say about Obama in relationship to the killings and to the “Islamic threat”, as well as some words of wisdom on how to solve the “Muslim problem”.

For starters, she claims Obama is focused on political correctness rather than the threat to the U.S.

“The FBI destroys tens of thousands of documents deemed offensive to Islam! The CIA removes the word “Islamic” before “terrorist” in those Benghazi talking points. They can kill us, but we can’t hurt their feelings? I’m surprised there isn’t a new executive order that simply says ‘don’t offend Muslims’.”

(You’ll notice, like any good Fox marionette, she managed to shoehorn “Benghazi” in.)

Not only that, but she said Obama is going to try to limit the 1st Amendment so it syncs up with Sharia law.

“And make no mistake – as sure as I’m talking to you – there will be efforts to limit our First Amendment – our free speech – to comply with Sharia blasphemy laws which call for death to those who slander the prophet Mohammad.”

The reason behind this seems to be that Islam has infiltrated into our society.

“They have conquered us through immigration. They have conquered us through interfaith dialogue.”


“Muslims were even invited to worship at the national cathedral in Washington, DC.”

And, of course, this being Fox, the “Persecuted Christians” card got played.

“I’ve been telling you for a year that they’re coming for us. That there is a reverse crusade in progress, a Christian genocide.”

But, not to worry. Judge Jeanine has the answer. Unlike Dr. Keith, she doesn’t want an American jihad. She wants to….., well I’ll let her tell it.

“After this week’s brutal terror attacks in France, hopefully everybody now gets it. And there’s only one group that can stop this war: the Muslims themselves.


“Our job is to arm those Muslims to the teeth. Give them everything they need to take out these Islamic fanatics. Let them do the job.”

(Actually, we’ve been doing that for decades. We didn’t get to be the #1 arms dealer in the world by ignoring the Arab Middle East.)

“Force Arab nations to choose. They’re either with us or they’re against us. And stop with this nuclear negotiation nonsense. They don’t operate the way we do. You can’t negotiate. You can’t mediate. You can’t bargain. You can’t even reason with these people!”

(What are we going to do if they don’t? Threaten to quit buying their oil?)

So, instead of an American jihad, Judge Jeanine wants a proxy war, with us footing the bill, of course.

Did I mention that this lady is an ex-judge?

Stay tuned. Knowing Fox, I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ll hear of this drivel.


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