Obama is Violating the Constitution! (Except that He Isn’t!)

micronesia(Going under in Micronesia)

Treaty: A legally binding international agreement, such as the New START Treaty, that has to be ratified by the senate.

Accord: An international agreement, such as the Camp David Accords, that is not legally binding and does not have to be ratified by the senate.

Ordinarily, I am NOT a fan of presidential power expansion. But then, I’m not a fan of expanding anyone’s or any institution’s power. There’s too much power invested in too many incompetent fools already. (Case in point: any “red state” legislature you’d care to mention.)

However, as Hippocrates once said, “For extreme diseases, extreme methods of cure, as to restriction, are most suitable.” (i.e. “Desperate times call for desperate measures.”)

And, just in case you hadn’t noticed, work for an energy company, or you’re a “Bullshit Mtn.” fanboy, these are “desperate times”. The earth is undergoing rapid climate change, which will impact everything and everybody.

  • Every reputable climate report seems to be worse than the one before.
  • Almost every time we look at new data on glacial or ice sheet retreats, it’s growing faster than previously expected. (Check out “Chasing Ice” on Netflix, or rent it. It’s a gorgeous movie, but it should scare the heck out of you.)

  • The oceans are starting to seep methane. (Lots of methane!) 570 new seeps were discovered off the Atlantic coast between 2011 & 2013.

methane-bubbles(The Atlantic, “mething” with you.)

  • Almost every new computer projection increases the estimates of sea level rise.
  • 97% of climate scientists agree that rapid climate change is happening. They also agree that humans are the culprits.

Meanwhile, we have a congress, mostly the House, with more than a few “fellow traveling” senators, sitting on their asses while the situation deteriorates.ScenarioUSTemp-largeOf course, it’s merely coincidental (wink, wink) that congress has some of the highest paid “climate deniers”. (Check out their money trail leading back to the energy industry.)

Obama, and for that matter, the rest of the world’s leaders, knows he can’t get an effective climate treaty ratified by the senate. Hell, they never even ratified “Kyoto” and that was before the Repugnuts really went off the deep end.

“If you want a deal that includes all the major emitters, including the U.S., you cannot realistically pursue a legally binding treaty at this time.” Paul Bledsoe

Nowadays they wouldn’t even ratify a U.N. treaty on equal rights for the disabled that was negotiated by George “duh” and based on an American law. (Because of “black helicopters” and the “New World Order” and all that, I suppose.)

Since congress won’t get off their collective butt and do anything, the administration is planning an end run around the obstructionists. Instead of proposing a new treaty, they are working on an accord that would update the 1992 U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, which was ratified by congress.

International negotiators will meet next month in New York to work on the accord. They’re planning on drafting the accord in Peru in December and present it next year at their Paris meeting.

The New York Times broke the story Tuesday, and while the ink was still drying on the newsprint, the Repugnuts commenced their usual baying at the moon.

“Adolf Barack Stalin Hussein Obama is going to unilaterally push carbon emission controls on US companies without congressional approval.”

“King Obama strikes again – Obama Pursuing Climate Accord in Lieu of Treaty”

“Oh No!! I don´t know how much more of this we can take!! Obama is pure, unadulterated evil! Can you say Agenda 21??”

I think I understand the rationale behind Obama’s move. Stay tuned. LOTS more to come.

McDonnell “Family Values” at Work & Play

mcdonnell-shoppingThis just in from the department of “You’ve gotta be kidding”!

You probably remember Bob McDonnell, (“Taliban Bob”, “Governor Ultrasound” or “Governor Gifty” depending on your focus point ) as the handsome governor of Virginia who was on Willie’s shortlist for Veep.

You may remember him from the vaginal probe episode that got him his “Ultrasound” sobriquet. Or, you may remember him for renting out the governors office to the tune of $165,000+

Gifties for Mr. & Mrs. Gov.

Gifties for Mr. & Mrs. Gov.

Or, you just might remember him in his role as “Taliban Bob“, one of Virginia’s leading homophobes.

It’s the juxtaposition of the last two that make this weird.

In the “money for favors” part, the McDonnells, both of them, are on trial for that bit of quid pro quo. But, our boy Bobby doesn’t want to vacation at the “stony lonesome” for the next few years. Not to fear. Bobby has a plan! He’ll just throw his wife under the bus. (Bus, hell! he’s trying to bring a damn steam roller into the courtroom.)

You see, this was all her fault. He didn’t know what was happening, because he was too busy doing great deeds for the people of Virginia and trying to avoid his wife with her serpent’s tongue. Plus, he suspects she was “doing the nasty” with Mr. Williams and he didn’t know Rolex was such an expensive watch.

You can imagine the ruckus at home after the day’s trial. That’s all you can do though, is imagine it. Seems Bobby has left the building. He’s moved in with…………wait for it………. A GAY PRIEST! FrRev. Wayne Ball, was the pastor of Norfolk’s Holy Trinity Church. (“Was” because after getting busted for having “guy sex” in a park’s parking lot last year, the church shipped him off to Highland Springs.)

Every time I run across a vociferous homophobe like Bobby, I keep thinking about that misquoted Shakespeare quote: “Methinks he doth protest too much!” The actual quote is “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” (Who says my posts aren’t educational?)

So……pretty Bobby, the question is: “is you is or is you ain’t”? Have you given up on women, or just Maureen? Inquiring minds want to know! (As well as a few inmates at the Federal Hotel.)

Don’t you just love Repugnut “family values”?


Islamic & Christian Fundies: Two Coins of the Same Side


A couple of years ago, Slate’s website ran a quiz consisting of quotes and asking if they were Christian fundamentalist quotes or Islamic fundamentalist quotes. (I flunked bad! 4 out of 9)

I’ve taken the liberty of stealing a couple of the quotes to get you in the mood.

“[A girl] can read a book, prepare her homework, join a charity, and spend her time doing things that are useful to her in this world and the world to come, instead of thinking about satisfying her urges.”

C.F. or I.F.?

“A child who disrespects his parents must be permanently removed from society in a way that gives an example to all other children of the importance of respect for parents. The death penalty for rebellious children is not something to be taken lightly.”

C.F. or I.F.?

Answers in a bit. (No fair peeking!)

Christianity and Islam are branches, continuations, modifications, whatever, of Judaism, which is itself a consolidation and continuation of earlier belief systems. (Jesus is actually mentioned more times in the Qur’an than Mohammad, by a score of 25 to 4. Also, the only woman mentioned in the Qur’an is Jesus’ mother.)

I read once that the more two rival organizations were alike, the more bad blood between them. That would explain a lot of Christian/Islamic, Christian/Jewish, Catholic/Protestant and Protestant/Protestant wars throughout the last two millenia.

When it comes to commonalities, C.F. and I.F. are “two peas in a pod” or “two bits in a byte”, if you prefer.

  • Both primarily come from the lower socio-economic echelons of their societies.
  • Both divide the world into “believers” (US) and “infidels” (THEM).
  • Both are sworn enemies of secular democracy.
  • Both would prefer to live in a theocracy with their version of religious laws supreme.Santorum-Iran

“Christian politics has as its primary intent the conquest of the land – of men, families, institutions, bureaucracies, courts, and governments for the Kingdom of Christ. It is to reinstitute the authority of God’s Word as supreme over all judgments, over all legislation, over all declarations, constitutions and confederations.”

George Grant: “The Changing of the Guard” [Dominion Press, 1987]‘ pp. 50-51 (In other words, exactly the way government works in Iran!)

  • Both view a woman as little more than a man’s property.

“Women cannot handle power. It is not within them to handle power. … The real and true power comes from God and God is the one that gave man the power and authority over the wife.”

Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson: “How Liberal Women are Building a Shameless Society” podcast

  • Both are rabidly anti-LBGT
  • Both are high on the death penalty for a wide variety of “sins”.

“If we could have it our way, then there would be capital punishment for kidnapping, sorcery, bestiality, adultery, homosexuality and cursing one’s parents.”


Greg Dickison: “Credenda Ageda” (vol. 3: nos. 9, 11) (That sounds an awful lot like Sharia law to me!)

  • Both oppose multiculturalism.
  • Both believe that it’s their duty to convert the world to their way of thinking(?).
  • Both believe that education should include indoctrination into their view of religion.
  • Both use violence to “further the cause”.

Check out The Army of God Manual [downloadable doc] if you have any doubts about that statement. Or, just think of all the attacks on abortion clinics and the various murders of doctors and employees.v2-pg-31-pro-life-2-paPlus, there’s a lot more info here, and here and also here.

To wrap this up before I get too nauseous, let’s see how you did on the quote quiz?

The 1st quote was from an Egyptian Islamic theologian, Yusuf al-Qaradhawi, speaking on the evils of female masturbation. (But, not male???)

The 2nd quote is straight form the (nether) mouth of a Repugnut candidate for the Arkansas House of Reps., Charlie Fuqua. (Resist the temptation to play around with his name. It’s way too easy.)




The Duggars: 19 Brain Cells & (Not) Counting

-2824312b50ac41ccA small disclaimer to start:

I have never watched “(fill in the number) Kids & Counting”. But, that’s ok. This isn’t about the show. This is about Mr. & Mrs. Baby Factory, aka Jim Bob & Michelle Duggar. (Jim Bob??? How far away is Walton’s Mtn.?)

I grew up Mormon and married a Catholic, so I’m very familiar with large families. I knew several with 6-8 kids and my wife had 12 cousins in one family. Although the rationale for large families is long gone, (We don’t have a 50-70% child mortality rate anymore and damn few of us live on family farms.) I don’t have a problem with them as long as there is enough time, love and financial and emotional support available.

I do have a problem with having kids because of a short in your psych, or with trying to out-populate the competition and take over the country.

In researching this article, I found enough material for multiple posts on different aspects of the Duggars. (This is one weird family!) Since I want to focus mostly on the religiopolitical area, I’m out-sourcing (linking) the other info. E.g., the first link covers the child abuse(?) aspect, the second covers the psych aspect, and so on. (Not to worry! All my out-sourcing is on-shore.)

The Duggars portray themselves as “conservative Christians”. What they don’t get into, is how extremely conservative they are. (Think Iranian Mullah conservative.)

The Duggars are members of the “Quiverfull” movement. (Think about the phallic aspects of that image for a second.) It’s also known as the Christian patriarchy. And, a patriarchy is exactly what it is.

Women are totally subservient. Their job is to serve the needs of “the man-of-the-house”, spread their legs when “Mr. Horny” gets the urge, and damn well have dinner on the table on time. On the subject of Mr. Horny’s urges, since contraceptives get in the way of “God’s plan”, they’re to be avoided like the devil.

Don’t think they’re in any way promiscuous. (Or are they? More on that in a bit.) Modest clothing must be worn at all times, Very restrictive conditions, or bans, on dating. And, horrors, no kissing until the ring is on the finger and the “I do’s” are done. If the publicity is to be believed, daughter Jill didn’t even kiss her new hubby until the wedding day. Must have been one hell of a kiss, cause come March, it’s Baby Time!

One other thing, “Wimmin don’t need no edjimication past what the state requires”. Speaking of “edjimication”, home schooling is de rigueur. (Don’t want  the chillin contaminated with no “socialist” public schooling.)

The Duggars are not only members of the movement, they’re “A” listers. (“Royalty”, as one writer put it.) They pal around with the likes of Doug Phillips, possibly the most important person in the movement and the former head of Vision Forum Ministries. I say former, because he resigned in disgrace after cheating on his wife.

Another buddy is Bill Gothard, the founder and former head of a homeschooling empire. The Duggars have been enthusiastic supporters of Bill and his homeschooling company. Once again, there’s that word “former. He resigned after being accused of molesting dozens of women.

Then there’s the Green family. They may not be familiar to you, but you know the company they keep – Hobby Lobby. Lots of financial interaction amongst this entire group, but that’s a post for another time.

Jim Bob and Michell have hit the campaign trail for the likes of Ken Cuccinelli and the “Guy from God” himself, St. Orum. Jim Bob has compared the U.S. to Nazi Germany during the holocaust, and Michelle has just come out against anti-discrimination laws.

10557154_10152190622866076_7090710507198610008_nThat’ll wrap it up for this episode, but there’s sure to be more to come. Stay tuned!

ISIS vs Westboro Baptist Church???


I’m not quite sure if this is the “real deal”, or just a very good story line, but here’s the plot as it thickens.

It seems last week a British comic, Adam Hills, on a British tv show, “The Last Leg” called out Westboro Baptist Church for not having the intestinal fortitude (GUTS!) to spread their message where there really was persecution against Christians. (You know, like IRAQ!)

Adam Hill

Adam Hill

Heck, he even offered to pay plane fare for any member willing to go. (I hope the return trip portions were refundable.)

Evidently, they’re taking him up on it. I admit, this momentarily surprised me, but then I remembered what cults are like. (In Oregon, we had our very own Rajneesees.)

The Westboro twits (Wesboro Babtist (@WBCSays) 8/21/14) tweeted:

We accepted! Whence tickets? @PhilCooke: An offer to fly WBC members 2 Iraq 2 protest. Sounds like good idea to me:

Then Adam tweeted back:

Ooh! RT @adamhillscomedy: So @WBCSays want us to fly them to Iraq. I’ll give my reply tomorrow on @TheLastLeg, 10pm Ch 4.

I have a feeling The Last Leg’s ratings will go up a bit tonight (8/22). Stay tuned drama lovers!

WBC claims they’ve already been to Iraq. Unfortunately, there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of that. In fact, the only web mention of their “trip” is on their own website.

I hate to admit it, but I hope it’s the “real deal”. I don’t normally wish anyone in harm’s way! (And, believe me, this is in harm’s way.) But, what these people have done, purely for publicity, to other people at their saddest, most vulnerable times, is despicable!

Part of me would like to admire them for having so much faith, they’re willing to die for it. But, then once again, I remember what cults are like.

So, I guess all I can say is that if they want to play martyr, more power to ‘em.Bvlx3m-CIAAByQ3

UPDATE (8/23):

Turns out, it was a story line. Although there were many viewers who were willing to donate money for the “make a martyr” journey, Adam Hills decided he wants to “spread love instead of hate”, so he’s donating to the St Jude Children’s Research Center instead of sending WBC to Iraq.

Hang On to Your Confederate Money Boys, the South’s Gonna Rise Again!

Secede-billboard-in-MontgomeryWelcome to another episode of Weirdlife Safari! The post that explores darkest Kooky Cuntry in pursuit of some of the strangest political mutations this side of Sister Sarah. (Or, the other side, for that matter.)

Today’s quest is the “‘Murican Secessionist” (Tua Esque Americanus). There’s also a smaller, more docile, sub-species (Volo Mea Americanus) that doesn’t want its own country. It just wants its own state, because “Capitol City just ain’t payin’ no attention to ‘em”.

But, we’re going after big game: the “America! Hate it and leave it!” mutation. Their native habitat centers around a region of Kooky Cuntry called “South Angrywhitemanistan”.angry-whit-menistanAccording to that great geographer, Herman Cain, it’s located on the “right side” of the tracks, just across from Ubeki-beki-beki-beki-stan-stan.

The critters were semi-dormant for a few decades. Then, in 2oh,oh8, that “socialist, fake “Murican with too dark a tan” got elected President. This woke up the secessionists real quick. They looked around and by jinkies, this wasn’t the “Murica” of their dream fantasy. (As if it ever was.)

When that “dang furin Hitler wannabe” got re-elected in 2012, the White House’s “We the People” website got inundated with secessionist petitions from every state.Secession-Map-2012There are organized(?) secession herds in Alaska, Hawaii, the Pacific NW and New England, but most of the biggest “roars” come from southern secessionists.

Since there are too many herds to cover in this post, (most are really, really small.) We’ll concentrate on one big herd that encompasses the old “slave states”: The League of the South. The league claims 30,000 members, but it’s probably about half that.

These critters are NOT happy with the way the “War of Northern Aggression” turned out. They want a “go-back” or they want their own countries. Their website talks about each state becoming its own country but confederated with the rest.

I hate to bring this up, but we’ve already tried that. It was called the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union. It was a humongous FAIL!!! But then, these Bubbas ain’t too great on real history.

They envision a “La-la” land, dripping with Southern culture, (as opposed to Northern i.e. “Marxist” culture) and ruled by “Christians”  of Anglo-Celtic heritage (WACPs). Of course, non-WACPs will be allowed to live there if they recognize “the cultural dominance of the Anglo-Celtic people and their institutions” (and don’t get any uppity ideas about voting).

And, please don’t call them racists, because that’s a Communist word.

League president Michael Hill (8/17/2014):

We are for the survival, well-being, and independence of the Southern people. And when we say the ‘the Southern people’, we mean white Southerners.”

League board member Jack Kersaw (1998):

Somebody needs to say a good word for slavery. Where in the world are the Negroes better off today than in America?”

Although anti-U.S., the do have a fondness for their version of the 2nd Amendment. After all, they may end up having to fight a 4Gen (guerrilla) war against the government.

It probably won’t surprise you that the Southern Poverty Law Center lists them as a hate group.

Mega-church’s Mega-minister’s Mega-problems

mark-driscollThis isn’t another one of those stories about some evangelical bible-thumper caught with a hooker or sharing coke with his boyfriend. This is the saga (shorthand version) of one of the big kids on the evangelical block: Mark Driscoll, my neighbor up Washington way.

Mark is a MEGACHURCH minister. He’s head honcho of Mars Hill Church with 14,000 members in 15 “campuses” spread over five states. He helped found the Acts 29 Network of over 500 churches. He’s also a featured speaker in the “Act Like Men” conference series.

Mark’s a purveyor of “hip hop Calvinism”. The “hip hop” portion extends to music, tattoos, nose rings, etc. He preaches in jeans and a t-shirt. He seems to like to talk about sex (including “hand jobs”) in his sermons. he also like to cuss in his sermons. So naturally, he’s COOL! (In case you haven’t guessed, his target demographic is young adults.)

Then there’s the Calvinism portion. For those of you not familiar with Calvin‘s theology, think “Puritans”. There are “Five Points of Calvinism”, sometimes called the TULIP. This post is too brief to mention them, but if you’re curious, check out the last link. (It’s a touch snarky, but it covers the basics pretty well.)

But, Calvinism isn’t the subject of this rant. Neither is Mark’s stand on gender equality. (He’s totally against it!)  Not that he’s just against women, he’s against effeminate men as well. He thinks main-stream Protestant clergy are waaay over stressing the “love” aspect of Jesus. He claims they’ve turned him into “a Richard Simmons, hippie, queer Christ…a neutered and limp-wristed popular Sky Fairy of pop culture”.

Mark is more of an Old Testament “Fire & Brimstone” kinda guy. (Plus, his Jesus is into tattoos and punk rock.)

You get the picture: a vibrant, on-the-edge, entrepreneurial, mega-star. He’s also a “best-selling author”.

Then, there’s the Mark Driscoll who’s despised by a number of his fellow evangelicals. (I think maybe they took umbrage to some of his remarks.) They don’t like the way he dresses. They don’t like the way he cusses. They don’t like his sex sermons. They don’t like him!

He’s not on a large number of ex-Mars Hill officials’ X-mas lists either. They’ve accused him of “sins” ranging from grabbing power, to being a “my way or the shunning hiway” despot, to using church money for his own benefit. There are accusations that Mark spent about $210,000 of church money to boost his book up the New York Times Best Seller List.

Then there’s the little problem of committing a “Rand Paul”. (i.e. plagiarizing someone’s work and forgetting to give them credit.) In his book “A Call to Resurgence” he seemed to take credit for quite a few of theologian Peter Jones’ ideas. (Naughty, naughty!)

As a result of these and many other “issues” Mark hasn’t had a very good August.

  • On the 3rd, a group of former members and officials staged a protest at the church’s Bellevue location.
  • On the 8th, Acts 29 gave him the boot for “ungodly behavior”.
  • On the 11th, the 2nd largest Christian bookstore chain yanked all his books.
  • On the 12th, he was dropped from the speakers list for all upcoming “Act Like Men” conferences.

If you look up in the Seattle sky, in amongst the rain clouds, you just might notice circling buzzards.


God’s Gunslinger(?)

article-2720176-205F1B1F00000578-424_634x394Earlier this year, Tye Glenn Champ was one of the GOP candidates for California Governor. Like all good Repugnuts, Tye’s a “CHRISTIAN” and big on “family values”, although he doesn’t mention which family. (I’ll reveal my nomination in a couple of paragraphs.)

You can tell he is “CHRISTIAN” because “Jesus the Christ” was right there on his “Champ for Governor” website.

And they thought they had Jesus nailed to the cross until the third day. He rose again. Now, it is apparent that California does not want any form of God. So, please prepare yourself for the carnage that’s coming, from the wrath of Jesus the Christ.”

That last part seems to be a bit of self-fulfilling forshadowing.

In case you weren’t paying attention, He lost the election in the primary. (CA has a “Jungle Primary” in which the top 2, no matter which party, go on to the general.) Tye came in 5th out of 15, with 76,066 votes.

But, this isn’t about another Repugnut loser. This is about a man who put “Manson” into “family values”. First, a bit of background, and then on to his latest escapade.

  • 1992: Pled guilty to carrying a concealed weapon. (Bigger than the one he was born with?)
  • 1993: Convicted on two counts of assault with intent to commit rape. (Can you say
    “registered sex offender”?)
  • 1998: Convicted of soliciting a prostitute. (At least he was willing to pay for it this time.)
  • 1998: Convicted of voluntary manslaughter for running over a competitor with his pickup. (Nothing personal, just business.) Sentenced to 12 years in prison.

In the campaign, Tye said he represented ‘a whole new breed of Christian soldier’. (Actually, it’s older than Charlemagne.)

One of Tye’s GOP gubernatorial opponents answered a question about him this way:

“We’re not in the business of vetting candidates, and we don’t pick winners and losers.”

(Looks like they picked a loser to me.)

Well, that was a few months ago. What’s ol’ Tye been up to lately?

Now, now! Before you judge, he might have been on a mission from Jesus the Christ. (What’s that? This was about road construction? Damn! I have got to start watching my vids!)

It seems that earlier, a 13 y.o. had the audacity to drive an atv onto Tye’s property while trying to avoid some road construction equipment. To reward the boy for his quick thinking, Tye slashed the atv’s tires.

I’ll let the Fresno County Sheriff’s Department tell what happened when the boy and his father came back to find out “what the hell was up with that”

“According to witness statements, Mr. Champ confronted the 40-year-old adult victim and his juvenile son and then shot the adult with a small black pistol,” the Sheriff’s Department statement says. “As the victim and son fled, Mr. Champ allegedly fired multiple additional shots, striking and killing a horse.”

The 40 y.o. victim was shot in the stomach. He was taken to the hospital for emergency surgery and is expected to recover.

After the shooting, Tye took it on the “lam” (as opposed to “lamb” which has a whole different connotation.) They found him 12 hours later in neighboring Tulare County. He’s now a guest of Fresno County’s “boys in blue”. He’s being charged with suspicion of attempted murder, willful cruelty to a child, willful cruelty to an animal, and being a felon in possession of a gun.

Who knows, with time off for “good” behavior, he may run for governor again in ’34.

Be Careful What You Poll For, It May Bite You in the Grass!



There’s an unwritten rule (Although, I’m sure somebody, sometime, someplace, must have jotted it down.) for trial lawyers that you don’t ask a question that you don’t already know the answer to. The Faux Noise (aka “Bullshit Mtn.”) version of the rule is “Don’t run a poll that you can’t spin into your preferred talking points.

“Billo the Clown” evidently didn’t read the rule. (Quick disclaimer: I used to work with (not for) Billo, but that’s a joke for another time.)

On July 28th, the “No-spinerator” decided to prop up his “Anslinger attitude” against “nature’s finest” by running a poll. Since the poll would primarily be seen and responded to by the low-information Bubbas that are Billo’s viewers, it seemed a perfect chance to prove that all Americans were against that evil, vile weed.

The Poll:

“There is momentum behind the move to legalize marijuana for recreational use. Where do you stand?”

  • “It should be legal, like alcohol.”
  • “Dangerous idea with many unintended consequences.”

The poll started out quite well from B.S. Mtn’s view. 81% thought it was dangerous with unintended consequences. (Whatever those were.)

Then, OOOPS!!! Everything changed! Word got out to the “not-true-believers” (the other 80% of Americans) and the results started heading the other way.

As of this morning (Aug 10th) it was 89 to 11 the opposite direction. Every single state shows a plurality in favor of legalized recreational usage.



I’d say there was a lesson to be learned in this, but then the gang at Faux are lousy students.

Republican “Southern Strategy”: Getting the Bigots to the Ballot Box

Us_south_censusOnce upon a time, the “Solid South” was Democratic. (That’s “big D”, not “little d”. It’s hardly ever been “little d”.) Now, it’s entirely the opposite. It’s still “solid”, but now it’s Republican. (And, getting farther and farther away from “little d” status.)

So……Wha’ hoppin”?

The story is long and pretty complicated for a short post like this. If you want a bit more extensive information, check out my “Tea  Potty” series, particularly pt 3: “Civil Rights, Civil Wrongs, Civil Rumps” and pt 4: “From Viet Nam to Ventura“. (The preceding links courtesy of “Shameless-Plugs-R-Me”)

In this post, I’m going to examine one aspect of the transition. The ever popular (unless you’re a conservative pundit, they go into hyper-spin whenever the subject comes up) Richard M. (Tricky Dicky) Nixon’s “SOUTHERN STRATEGY”. However all Tricky ever did was codify and intensify what had been strategy since the Goldwater nomination.

Instead of trying to explain what the S.S. is, I’ll let Tricky’s political strategist, Kevin Phillips, do it.

“From now on, the Republicans are never going to get more than 10 to 20 percent of the Negro vote and they don’t need any more than that….but Republicans would be shortsighted if they weakened enforcement of the Voting Rights Act. The more Negroes who register as Democrats in the South, the sooner the Negrophobe whites will quit the Democrats and become Republicans. That’s where the votes are. Without that prodding from the blacks, the whites will backslide into their old comfortable arrangement with the local Democrats.” Nixon’s Southern Strategy: ‘It’s All in the Charts’ New York Times (May 17, 1970)

It’s a cynical, lowest-common-denominator strategy, banking of the premise that the majority of southerners are racist bigots; but it worked beautifully! (Which, I guess, proves that the majority of southerners are racist bigots. It also explains a lot of those Tea Potty posters.)dr+obamaAnd then there’s a 1983 interview with Lee Atwater, Saint Ronnie’s “Kevin Phillips”.



To be fair (for a change), the “Southern Strategy” wasn’t just for southerners. Nixon and George Wallace as well, had discovered that there were (and are) a lot of “Bubbas at heart” in the heartland bible belt. Not only that, but if you correctly worded the message, by jinkies, they’d vote Republican.

Since “the times they are a changin’”, racist politicians couldn’t be so overt as they had been in the past. (No using the “N” word anymore!) That’s how “code words” like “busing” and “welfare queen” came into political discourse. (Of course, if you watched the vid, you already know that.)

Needless to say, the S.S. worked very effectively for a spell. However, the turkeys are coming home to roost and the roost is getting smaller, more monochromatic and more regional.

Too many old white dudes are “kickin’ it” (quick disclaimer: I’m an old white dude.) and too many of “those people” are coming in and having too many kids. Plus, the party has gotten so in-bred that many of their heroes would reject them and others wouldn’t pass muster.

Barry (“Every good Christian should line up and kick Jerry Falwell’s ass!”) Goldwater warned about the rise of the religious wrong/radical wing-nuts.

Even Saint Ronnie wouldn’t make it. He raised taxes in ’82, ’83, 84, ’85, ’86 & ’87. Not only that, REAGAN RAISED THE DEBT CEILING 18 TIMES!

If you’d like the “down and dirty” about some of those roosting turkeys mentioned a few paragraphs ago, check out this “Sovereign Citizen” article and then watch this space!