Duggars Delete The Gay Away

14471366-standardThe last time I visited the Duggars of “(Way Too Many Kids) and Counting” fame, it was to take a peek at their religious take on man – Woman relationships. (Very male dominated!)

Btw, if you haven’t been formally introduced, the head Duggar is Jim-Bob. He’s the daddy. The mommy is Michelle, and I have absolutely no idea who all the kids are.

I spent some ink (digitally speaking) on their attitude towards SEX! If you believe the “Official Line”, there’s no canoodling (that means kissing, oh ye of the polluted minds) until the ring is on the finger and the bouquet has been tossed. After that, it’s your duty to make a hutch of horny rabbits jealous.

But, it’s all for a holy cause. They’re trying to out-populate the heathen (aka atheists, Muslims, Buddhists, other Christian sects, etc.) so they can dominate the world. They belong to the Quiverfull Movement part of the Christian Patriarchy, a very conservative bunch of Christians. (Actually, they seem more Old Testament oriented to me.)

Being good religious conservatives, they are not exactly gay (original definition) over the existence of gays (current definition) and other associated “immoral” types. (Quick question: If Big Daddy hates gays so much, why the hell does he make so many of them? Inquiring minds want to know.)

Last August, in between trips to the bedroom and the maternity ward, Michelle took time to record a robocall warning the fine citizens of Fayetteville, Arkansas of the dangers of a proposed law against housing and employment discrimination. It seems, according to Mrs Stepford, I mean Duggar, that the law would allow transgenders to use the opposite bathroom and endanger the town’s precious children. Because, according to Michelle, transgenders are child predators. Seriously, that’s what she said. Take a listen.

The Duggars’ latest gay episode started with a kiss. (A brief pause, so you can go “Ahhhhh”.) The kiss was between daughter Jessa (She who did not “canoodle” prior to the aisle walk.) and her new hubby. Jim-Bob and Michelle thought that was so downright cutesy, dognabit, they posted one of their own.10517532_553971734736480_7206251313618851014_n Then they invited their “married fans” to post some of their theirs.

“God designed marriage to be a loving, dynamic relationship between a husband and wife for a lifetime. God loves marriage and it is supposed to be full of love, joy, fun and romance. Marriage is where romance belongs! Recently, Ben & Jessa received some criticism for posting a kissing picture. We are so grateful they waited to share their first kiss until after marriage. We’ve been married 30 years and are still in love! We had fun trying to duplicate Ben and Jessa’s happily married kissing picture. We challenge all married couples to take a happily married picture and post it here.”

Jim-Bob seems to have totally blanked on the fact that in a number of states, some married couples don’t have different plumbing.

Two of the lip-lock pics submitted were from a pair of nice young couples, all four with prominent Adam’s apples. Well, they did say “all married couples”.

Lickity split (or in a reasonable facsimile thereof) the photos were deleted to avoid offending any more innocent eyes. I’ve seen a report that the senders were also blocked, but I haven’t run across confirmation, so I won’t mention it.

Since the incident, the Duggars are keeping their profile low, other than issuing a statement that sort of says that they don’t hate gays. (They just don’t want their pictures around.)

“We love these wise words from Rick Warren: ‘Our culture has accepted two huge lies. The first is that if you disagree with someone’s lifestyle, you must fear or hate them. Second is that to love someone means that you must agree with everything they believe or do. Both are nonsense. You don’t have to compromise convictions to be compassionate.”

On the other side of the gulf, there is a petition circulating, asking TLC to cancel the Duggar’s show. The petition started after the Michelle robocall, but has picked up speed because of the FB incident. Currently it’s over 6400 names.


Is Canada Killing Keystone?

pipeline_pathFirst, a bit of background for those who, like me, only peripherally paid attention to “Keystone”. (I’m in Oregon. We have our own pipelines to fight about.)

The Keystone Pipeline itself, has been in operation since 2010. It was constructed to transport petroleum from the Alberta oil sands area to American refineries. It runs from Hardisty Alberta across to Manitoba and then down to Steele City, Nebraska and on east to Patoka, Illinois. All the current hullabaloo is about Keystone XL, a proposed shortcut that skips Manitoba and most of Saskatchewan by heading southeast through Montana. keystone-pipeline-system-mapWithout going into all the gory details, most of the rational opposition has centered around the pipeline crossing environmentally sensitive areas and the Nebraska portion of the Ogallala Aquifer. The aquifer is a prime source of irrigation from Texas to South Dakota, as well as providing drinking water for around 2,000,000 people.

As we have seen over the last few decades, pipelines tend to leak from time to time and there’s a danger that the leakage might contaminate the aquifer.  And, wouldn’t you know it, plants aren’t all that fond of petroleum in their drinking water. For that matter, neither are humans. (Well, maybe an oil exec or two, but not normal humans.)

On the pro-pipeline side, the argument is jobs, JOBS, JOBS! To hear the backers tell it, this sounds like the ticket to Employment Paradise. In reality, it will add 1950 construction jobs lasting two years, or 3900 for one year, depending on how you want to count. As for permanent jobs, just 35.

Oh, and the oil that comes down the pipeline, goes to the highest bidder, not necessarily the good ol’ U.S. of A. Doesn’t help our oil dependence a damn bit.

Obama has been stalling (“waiting for further studies”) for quite some time now. However, with the Repugnuts primed to take over congress entirely, they’re feeling frisky. Friday, the house passed a bill approving the pipeline. The senate, spurred on by Louisiana Democrat Mary Landrieu’s bid to save her seat,  is set to take up the measure this week.

Over at 1600 Pennsylvania, the word seems to be that Obama has decided he’s against it (at least until those “further studies” are done) and has his veto pen loaded and ready.

BUT WAIT! This whole dog fight may be moot.

Canada seems to have discovered that it has its own refineries and oil port in Saint John New Brunswick. Not only that, but there’s all this existing pipeline that can be extended and re-purposed for the task.

Thus was born the “Energy East Pipeline Project”

Image courtesy of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

Image courtesy of the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency

It would involve building a 171 mile pipeline extension from Hardisty to Burstall, Saskatchewan. From there the oil would flow over 1860 miles of existing, but re-purposed pipes. Connected to the other end of those pipes would be an export terminal and another 700 mile extension to Saint John, with its refineries and supertanker port. Saint John’s port has a geographic advantage over gulf ports in that it’s closer to the lucrative European and Indian oil markets.

On the 30th of October, TransCanada Corp. formally proposed building the pipeline, spending C$12,000,000,000 (that’s $10.7 billion in Benjamins and assorted dead presidents.)

By several accounts, the Harper government in Ottawa is on board. (In politically safe comments, in case the whole thing goes kablooie.) As the Director of Communications put it, the government supports the  “diversification of markets for our resources.”

Although not due for regulatory approval for 15 months or more, TransCanada is treating this like it’s a done deal.

“With one project,” Energy East will give Alberta’s oil sands not only an outlet to “eastern Canadian markets but to global markets. And we’ve done so at scale, with a 1.1 million barrel per day pipeline, which will go a long way to removing the specter of those big differentials for many years to come.” Alex Pourbaix, Executive Vice-President and President, Development

While I wouldn’t bet against it, it ain’t quite a done deal quite yet. There are still a few turtles to hurdle. Canadian “green groups” don’t cotton to the idea and all six of the crossed provinces have to get on board.

To avoid some of the environmental opposition, the proposed pipeline avoids all major Canadian aquifers. And, when Edmundston, New Brunswick complained that its drinking water was at risk from the pipeline, TransCanada moved it 2 1/2 miles.

Quebec may be a problem as well. They have an abundance of hydroelectric power and are more interested in renewable power projects. Plus, there’s the sticky matter of the pipeline crossing the St. Lawrence, the source of much of their drinking water.

Another hassle (but probably not) is the lowering oil prices. Under a certain price point, the economics turn to the red side. However, unlike the South, oil prices are going to rise again.

Also, if Energy East is built, is Keystone XL even economically feasible? And, will that make any difference, anyway?

Once again, stay tuned!



Klan Threatens To Get Lethal On Ferguson Protesters

klan-jpg1They’re baaack! Once again, the Klan is rearing its ugly head. This is its 3rd incarnation, and it’s a mere shadow of its former self. They’ve been mostly out-slicked by other bastions of bigotry with more modern renditions of the same old song.

Currently there are 26 (sort of) related Klans with over 160 chapters spread out over 41 states. More than 100 of those chapters are based in the “slave states”. (Surprise! Surprise!)  At its peak, the 2nd incarnation (circa 1921-1930) boasted 6,000,000 anal pits. Current membership is 0.1% of that (6000)

One of those Klan Branches, the Traditionalist American Knights of the Ku Klux Klan (TAK/KKK), has a chapter in Potosi, MO. that has taken it upon themselves to keep the Ferguson, MO streets safe from all those peaceful protesters, terrorists! And, by golly, if they have to get lethal on their asses, they’ll be glad to do it.10678753_1021719734521766_6059695512298309535_nIf the grand jury investigation into the shooting of Michael Brown results in protesters taking to the streets, and these thugs are armed and looking for a confrontation (And, don’t believe for a second that they’re not.) this could get nasty. Of course, if it’s Whites out protesting an indictment, don’t worry. The Klan probably won’t even show up.

In an interview with the Riverfront Times, the head sheethead (Imperial Wizard) Frank Ancona, didn’t apologize for the flyer. Instead, he bragged what a great recruitment tool Ferguson had been to his “brothers of the hood”,

“These Ferguson protesters are the best recruiters since Obama,” he says. “Normally we might hear from ten people a week in Missouri, and now we’re hearing from more like fifty people a week. Sometimes, depending on these news stories, we get 100, 200 calls in a day.”


Then, on Wednesday Frank talked to MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

In the interview, Frank claims to have had off-the-record conversations with the police

Ancona: “A lot of them are very frustrated with how the governor has sided with the criminals in a lot of instances,”

Hayes: “Wait a second, you have law enforcement talking to you off the record, confiding in you as a Grand Wizard of the KKK? You’re telling me that you have local law enforcement talking to you, personally, off the record?”

Ancona: “I’m telling you, I have friends who know people in law enforcement. Let’s just put it that way.”

Naturally, I wanted to do some research on the man and the Klan. (Yes, Virginia, I research before I rant!)  I tried reaching his Klan’s website several times, but kept getting the “Server not found” message. Their FaceBook page is empty as well. Wikipedia thinks he’s the other Frank Ancona that owns a car dealership across the state.

Linkedin lists him as having attended high school and worked in a machine shop at one time. In his summary, he states:

“As the Imperial Wizard (President) of the Traditionalist American Knights I set the agenda, goals and direction of the organization. I assist all Realm (state) leaders in developing their territory. Working together as a team and a unit we strive to increase awareness of the destruction of our constitutional rights and the plight of the White race in America. We teach traditional American values and keep alive our heritage and culture as Americans. I set a goal and then I work to see that I meet that goal.”

But, what was really interesting were some of the comments about Frank from a number of his fellow Klansmen of different branches. Aryan Nations is bent out of shape because Frank had his picture with “some Negro“.

The troglodyte site “purifythecause.com” says

“Frank is nothing more than a drug addicted, womanizing, power hungry as@#$le (anal pit). hmm..power hungry? isnt there another kind of people that are power hungry? Isn’t there another kind of people that are power hungry? oh yea, that’s right…JEWS! Well say hello to rabbi Frank Ancona…

Then they list his address and phone number. (All class, these wing-nuts!)

Along the same lines, the Imperial Klaliff of the Loyal White Knights, says the whole TAK branch is illegitimate because the name Ancona is Jewish and Frank’s wife is Wiccan.

“It says that Ancona is a nonwhite name, it’s a traditional Jewish name, Italian, and his wife, the Klan is supposed to be a Christian organization and his wife actually practices the Wiccan religion, which is basically devil worshipping to me where you’re worshipping any God besides God himself. I just thought I’d let y’all know that.”

Stay tuned. The situation in and around Ferguson is tense with the Grand Jury wrapping up and the Klan amping up.
Once past that though, the coming inner-klan conflict should be fun to watch.

Arizona On Another Collision Course With The Constitution

us-arizona-1Arizona did it again! And this time you can’t blame the Wicked Witch of the SW (aka Jan Brewer) or any of the Repugnut legislators. This time it was the low-information voters, themselves. (And yes, the flag is upside down.)

The citizens, in their infinite lack of wisdom, passed Proposition 122, (the Arizona Rejection of Unconstitutional Federal Actions Amendment). According to its title, Prop. 122,

“Permits the state to exercise its sovereign authority by restricting state and local government personnel and financial resources to purposes that are consistent with the Constitution of the United States”

On the surface, (which is as far as most voters look) this appears logical. After all, who wants unconstitutional things going on? With the bills passage, the state thinks it can pick and chose which federal laws and regulations they’ll fund or enforce, based on the state’s own interpretation of the Constitution. In other words, they’re placing Arizona laws over Federal laws.

Now, bearing in mind that Arizona is over-populated with Constitution lovin’ tea baggers, you’d think they’d be aware of Article Six, Clause 2, of said Constitution. It’s a little thing that everybody likes to call “the Supremacy Clause”

This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding.

Ahhh, but who decides what is and isn’t constitutional? According to Prop. 122, that would be the legislature or the previously mentioned “low-information voters”.

There’s a HUGE problem with this scenario. Legislatures and voters don’t decide on the constitutionality of a law or reg. The courts do, with the Supreme Court having final (for a while) word on the matter.

To refresh your memory from that long forgotten civics class, I refer you to Article III, Section 2:

“The judicial power shall extend to all cases, in law and equity, arising under this Constitution, the laws of the United States, and treaties made, or which shall be made, under their authority..”

As the Arizona Republic put it.

“Prop. 122 would ensure full employment of lawyers. It is a temper tantrum that would solve nothing.”

In the end, all this law is really going to do is make a lot of wealthy lawyers a lot wealthier at taxpayers’ expense.

Rick Santorum’s Back to Halt the Nazification of America.

120105_santorum_professor_aRejoice, dear brothers and sisters. In our time of need. In the hour of our greatest danger. A hero has emerged!


Look! Up there on the hill crest, sitting tall on his great white stallion (facing the rear), it’s “the guy from god”, Saint Orum (known to non-“true believers” as Rick Santorum). He’s girding his loins and appears to be preparing to seek the presidency and lead a crusade to save us all from our plunge into Nazism.


Hmmm. All this time, I thought Obama was steering us toward socialism. That’s a totally different direction.

Oh wait, I know what it is. Someone told Saint Orum that Hitler’s party was named  Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (National Socialist German Workers’ Party). So, naturally it was socialist.  (Of course, by the same reasoning, The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is a democratic republic.)

The Nazis were fascists, not socialists. There’s a hell of a difference between the two. You’d think someone who wants to deal on the international stage would have at least passed Poly Sci 101.

As for socialism being a great political evil, check out my post on “The Scurge(?) or Scourge(?) of Socialism” before you accept the image as expressed by the politically stupid. I think the post may contain a few surprises for you. It certainly did for me.

Anyway, I guess the boogeyman du jour is now Nazism (fascism???).u3YYqmqyBOwNever fear brethren and sisthren! (Is that a word?) Just like Mighty Mouse, Super Saint Orum is “Here to save the day!”

Yes, once again, just like the Blues Brothers, Saint Orum is on a “mission from god”

“I’m trying to walk down a path that God is leading me. I figured if this is what he is calling me to do, then I just have to go out and work hard”

If you’re new to paying attention to politics or just in case you have a masochistic streak, you can find a bit of background on the saint on my The Tea Potty (pt 10: Clowns & Commodians cont.) post. (The post title should give you some indication of the esteem in which I hold Saint Orum.)

Fun Fact: He’s one of four Repugnut primary clowns (‘MotherMichelle Bachmann and HermanHave you seen my salami?Cain, as well as RickCuz’n RickiePerry and the saint) that claimed Big Daddy told them to run. You might have noticed that they all lost. (Goes towards proving my “god is a practical joker” hypothesis.)

Last time around he was leading the crusade to expose the evils of contraception (and that thing that gays do). But, it’s his latest crusade that brings us together today. (Or, whatever day you’re reading this.)

Saint Orum recently paid a visit to the fine homophobic folks at the Christian Post to hype his latest project, a “documentary” on religious persecution in the good ol’ U.S. of A.. He took the opportunity to expound on a vision he had of ‘Merica’s possible future that plumb scared his bowels empty.

“If we continue down this path, things are not going to get better and the chance of something really bad beginning to happen, where your faith is really constrained, or your lives are really in danger becomes a possibility down the road.”

What is this vision of horror that gets his undies dirty? Well, he thinks it’s very possible that we may be morphing into Nazi Germany. (Or his version of it, anyway.)

He started the interview  with a bit of historical revisionism on German religious persecution, before and after Uncle Adolf took over.

“People don’t realize that, you know, Germany prior to the Nazis was a very religious country. It was a very Christian country. It was a very sophisticated country… and the idea that you could have this type of religious persecution take place over 10 years; Christians — Jews obviously — but also Christians being put to death… was unfathomable!”

He insinuates that religious persecution began with the Nazis, totally ignoring the fact that Germans slaughtering Jews goes back to the 14th Century. He also insinuates that the Nazis weren’t Christian, which is totally false. There were some Aryan occultists, but Hitler and almost all Germans, Nazis or not, were Christian. As to the Christians that were persecuted? It was far more likely that they were persecuted because they were also gypsies or some other group that Uncle Adolf didn’t care for.

If you have the stomach for it, here’s the whole interview.

Anyway, all of this scary stuff (in his head) is forcing him to consider throwing his helmet back in the ring for another go-around. Besides, maybe Big Daddy told him to run again.

Oh, and lest you forget the ‘holy grails’ of his previous crusade, he still thinks contraceptives are evil and that “gay thing” will send you to hell. Although, he’d settle for prison. (Yeah, that’s the key to the “straight life”! Ain’t no homosexuality in prisons, by gum!)

So, stay tuned, ye fans of silly twits. The 2016 election cycle commenced with the Hawaiian poll closings and the clown car is now ready for boarding.

Mars Hill’s Ministarial Monarch, Marvelous Mark Driscoll, Resigns

mark-driscollMy #2 ministering main man, the “Hip-Hop Calvinist” himself, Marvelous Mark Driscoll, is back in the news. (#1 in my heart, or maybe somewhere lower down, will always be Crazy Uncle Pat Robertson.)

Those of you with longer retention spans may recall visiting Marvelous Mark back in August as his ecclesiastical kingdom commenced collapsing. Then in September we dropped by for another session to see if he really said “Women are ‘homes’ for penises.” (He did!)

“The first thing to know about your penis is, that despite the way it may see, it is not your penis. Ultimately, God created you and it is his penis. You are simply borrowing it for a while.”

(So, be careful how you handle Russell, the love muscle. Big Daddy may want him back one of these days.)

“While His penis is on loan you must admit that it is sort of just hanging out there very lonely as if it needed a home, sort of like a man wandering the streets looking for a house to live in. Knowing that His penis would need a home, God created a woman to be your wife and when you marry her and look down you will notice that your wife is shaped differently than you and makes a very nice home.”

198lg6gtew3d3pngMarvelous Mark’s ecclesiastical kingdom was rather large. His Mars Hill church had 14,000 members in 15 “campuses” (Or is that campusi?) spread out over five states. He was also one of the founders of the Acts 29 network of over 500 churches.

Driscoll’s decline isn’t your average “bible beater caught smoking crack with a male prostitute” story. Rather, Marvelous Mark seems to have succumbed to a bad case of megalomania. As his kindom grew, so did his ego and his self-estimation of his own infallibility. His misogyny seems to have been a pre-existing condition.

Then there were the little things like plagiarism, and using church money to buy his way onto the New York Times Best Seller List. Of course, it doesn’t help that his fellow fundy preachers don’t like his preaching style. They don’t like the way he dresses (t-shirt & jeans). They don’t like the way he cusses from the pulpit. Hell, they just don’t seem to like him…PERIOD! He’s also not high on a lot of former Mars Hill officials’ lists either. Evidently his “little tin god” act didn’t go over too well with them.

When last we left Marvelous Mark,

  • He’d been kicked off his speaking tour with the “Act Like Men” conference series.
  • Acts 29 evicted his ass.
  • His books were yanked off the shelves of the 2nd largest Christian mythology bookstore chain. (Can’t stay on the NYT list that way!)
  • Mars Hill was imploding a bit and closing several churches.
  • He was being investigated by church elders for his various “sins”.
  • He was going into exile….er, going on a sabbatical for six weeks. (Hell, it’s the same damn thing!)

Early last month, the church elders released their findings.They concluded

“Pastor Mark has, at times, been guilty of arrogance, responding to conflict with a quick temper and harsh speech, and leading the staff and elders in a domineering manner….He publicly confessed and apologized for a number of the charges against him”

driscoll1Well, the six-week “sabbatical” isn’t quite up, but Marvelous Mark’s monarchy is. He’s resigning his post at Mars Hill because he’s concerned about his family’s safety.

“Recent months have proven unhealthy for our family—even physically unsafe at times—and we believe the time has now come for the elders to choose new pastoral leadership for Mars Hill,”

Most people would just say they wanted to spend more time with their family, but Marvelous Mark has always been a bit more dramatic than most people.
So, is this our last sighting of Marvelous Mark? Hell No! All he has to do is stand up, shed a few glycerin tears, look humble and say the lord has forgiven him, and he’ll be back making money in two shakes of a lamb’s bald-headed yogurt slinger.
Religious hypocrites never die. They just smell that way.





Keith Ablow Wants to Treat the World to an American Jihad

fox_hn_ablow_gender_111018aLadies and gentlemen, if you haven’t already had the displeasure, allow me to introduce Dr. Keith Ablow. Dr. Keith is a psychiatrist and a graduate of Brown and Johns Hopkins Universities, two very prestigious schools.

He used to be a member of the American Psychiatric Association. He quit the association a few years ago, because he was smarter than all the other members. (At least he thought so.) It seems (to him) that he knows more about what should be classified as psychotic than they do. (Reading some of his pontifications, it appears to me that he does have some personal experiences with psychosis.)

I haven’t been able to decide whether Dr. Keith is one whacked-out dude, smarter than any other psychiatrist or just a media slut. Although, I’ve mostly eliminated one of the options. Let me show you what I mean.

Dr. Keith is such a phenomenal psychiatrist (in his own mind) that he can diagnose people without ever actually interacting with them. After the 2012 Vice Presidential Debate, Dr. Keith ventured that Joe Biden was demented. Either that or drunk. (Joe Biden is a teetotaler.)

Speaking of the 2012 election. Dr. Keith, in his infinite wisdom, decided that Newt Gingrich would make a great president because of his three marriages.maxresdefault

“1) Three women have met Mr. Gingrich and been so moved by his emotional energy and intellect that they decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives with him.

2) Two of these women felt this way even though Mr. Gingrich was already married.

3) One of them felt this way even though Mr. Gingrich was already married for the second time, was not exactly her equal in the looks department and had a wife (Marianne) who wanted to make his life without her as painful as possible.

Conclusion: When three women want to sign on for life with a man who is now running for president, I worry more about whether we’ll be clamoring for a third Gingrich term, not whether we’ll want to let him go after one.”

For more on “The Newter” and his women, check out “The Tea Potty (pt 8: Players & Takers)” for a bit of juicy.

According Dr. Keith, just watching Chaz Bono on “Dancing With the Stars” would have young people questioning their own gender.

“It is a toxic and unnecessary byproduct of the tragic celebration of transgender surgery that millions of young people who do watch “Dancing with the Stars” will have to ponder this question: Maybe my problems really stem from the fact that I’m a girl inside a boy’s body (or a boy inside a girl’s body). Maybe I’m not a tomboy; I’m just a boy!”

As to Chaz’s gender switch itself, he had a few words as well.

“I’m not going to have my kid watch a show in which people pretend to be farm animals.”

Evidently, according to Dr. Keith, having a sex change operation turns you into a cow or chicken or some other farm animal. (Well, there is a jackass in the barn yard, but it isn’t Chaz.)

I could go on like this all day, but this is a post, not a tome, so lets jump to the doctor’s latest (s)hit. And the reason “whacked-out dude” trumps “media slut”! (“Smarter than” was never really in the running.)

Dr. Keith wants an American jihad!


“We would tie American aid to incremental changes not just in the attitudes, but in the fundamental structures, of countries…..We would seek to double the budgets of the CIA and our Special Forces, seek to fund an international mercenary force…..We would urge our leaders, after their service in the U.S. Senate and Congress, to seek dual citizenship in other nations, like France and Italy and Sweden and Argentina and Brazil and Germany, and work to influence those nations to adopt laws very much like our own. We might even fund our leaders’ campaigns for office in these other nations……We would accept the fact that an American jihad could mean boots on the ground in many places in the world”

Of course, he has a great neo-con reason for doing this. (I mean, other than world domination.)

“An American jihad would turn back and topple the terrible self-loathing in our citizens set in motion by President Obama, beginning with his “apology tour” — a psychological plague. It would make American pride not only acceptable, but celebrated, again.”

Stay tuned folks, we’re going to hear a lot more from this jerky turkey.

Will the New Congress Impeach Obama?

MD13F08_NORMALA lot of you may remember Tony Perkins from the movie “Psycho”. This isn’t that Tony Perkins. As for the psycho bit…….

This Tony Perkins is High muck-a-muck (Emphasis on the muck.) over at the Family Research Council. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, “The Family Research Council (FRC) bills itself as “the leading voice for the family in our nation’s halls of power,” but its real specialty is defaming gays and lesbians.”

Among their other activities, they sponsor the Values Voter Summit (Their “values”, of course.) According to some of their paid speakers, same-sex couples are the equivalent of drug addicts, pedophiles (I thought most of those were priests.) and zoophiliacs. (People who “do the deed” with animals.)

Well, you could always say that those comments were just some speakers going a bit overboard, that’s not the FRC itself. Ok, let’s take a look at some of FRC’s stated positions:

  • The FRC says you can “pray the gay away“. (After all, it’s just a chosen lifestyle.)
  • The rash of teen homosexuals committing suicide would subside if they would just stay in the closet.
  • Transgender children threaten the public safety of women and children And, they are peeping toms, rapists and/or pedophiles. (This one is so sick, I don’t even want to think about it.)
  • Being gay should get you sent to prison. (Putin would be sooo proud!)
  • The rash of sexual assaults in the military is due to the elimination of “Don’t ask, don’t tell”, (Yeah, there were NEVER any sexual naughty, naughties going on before then.)
  • Gay rights are promoted along with global warming because of a “population control agenda. Here it is, straight from the horse’s mouth. (The nether one.):

There’s a hell of a lot more, but that’s not why we’re here today.

Never think that Tony and his gang are one-note-haters. Au contraire mon ami!

Being troglodytes in good standing in the Tea Potty as well as the Religious Wrong, they are also certified Obama-haters! (Although, there’s nothing racist about it. wink, wink)

After all, Obama is trying to turn this country socialist! Or is that nazi? No wait! It’s commie….. Well, it’s one of those forms of government that they don’t know the real definition of, but it definitely isn’t a theocracy, so he’s got to be dumped!

Seeing his true duty (other than lying about same-sex coupling) is to rally the congressional troops around the impeachment cause. He hasn’t been too patient about it either, telling congress to grow some grapefruits and put him on trial. (Of course, being “Christian”, he used softer language.)

“We are a society, a government that operates under the rule of law and when we have people who don’t want to play by the rules, it really doesn’t work. And that’s why this president has messed thing up so much, he doesn’t want to play by the rules. And Congress is too fearful, too politically-minded to impeach this president because they’re fearful. We need leaders who are not fearful.”

But, that was back in September. Now that the Republicans are going to win the senate, (and, they might) there will be no more excuses.

“If the Republicans do capture the Senate, there’s no more excuses about impeachment. See, what we’ve heard so far is how we can’t do that because we’d never get it through the Senate, the House could impeach him but the Senate would never convict, it would just be a waste of time. Well, if they have control of the Senate it won’t be.”

As to what charges could be brought, he’s a bit vague, but they’ll think of something.

Of course, there is one thing that could get a teeny bit in the way.

It takes 67 senators to impeach a president. In 60 tries, it’s never been done! However, “true believers” never let a little reality get in the way of their delusions.





Kirk Cameron: Christians Want Their Holy Halloween Holiday Back

Today - Season 61We’ve all heard about  (and would probably like to forget) the “War on Christmas”. Hell, that war’s been over for decades. Greed won!

However, it turns out there’s a war on Halloween as well. Only this time it’s the “Christians” that are leading the charge.

Well, one of them anyway.

Kirk Cameron has decided to take back Halloween from the pagans who stole it from the Christians. (Except, they didn’t!)

You may be trying to forget Kirk from such cinematic car crashes as “Starflight One, The Plane That Couldn’t Land“, “Goliath Awaits“, “The Miracle of the Cards” or the (pre-Nick Cage) “Left Behind” series.EL+MILAGRO+DE+LAS+CARTAS The older among you might recall him from his short-termed fame as the resident “It” boy on “Growing Pains“.

Nowadays, he’s a troglodyte bible thumper as well as a direct-to-video  and “C” movie actor. He’s also (unintentionally) funnier than a rubber crutch in a three-legged platypus race.

For instance, here’s his argument against evolution:

There you have it folks, if evolution is real, where’s the crocoduck? Here’s another “golden oldie” that some creationists like to ask: “If we are descended from apes, why are there still apes around?” For more of this silliness, check out my “The Theory of Evil-ution vs The Myth-ology of Creationism” posts. (Shameless plug # 970348)

Of course, being a member in good standing of the “religious wrong”, Kirk hates the “gay act”. But, being a “good Christian”, he loves gays, just not what they do.

“I think that it’s…unnatural. It’s detrimental and ultimately destructive to so many of the foundations of civilization.”

And, as you can probably tell from his “Left Behind” movies, he’s a rapture fanboy. Personally, if it’s the “religious wrong” that’s going to be raptured, I think I’d prefer to be left behind.

However, what brings us here today is Kirk’s latest lunacy: “The War on Halloween”.

Despite Kirk’s delusions, pagans (Celts in this particular situation) did not steal Halloween from the Christians. Oct 31st was the day of the Celtic Samhain Festival. Samhain had been celebrated for centuries before the Jesus freaks showed up.

The Roman church has long history of usurping local events and mythological critters and incorporating them as “Christian”. They did this with Saturnalia. (Roman) You know it as Christmas. Oh, and the mistletoe (Druid), yule log (6th century Germanic Paganism) and holly (Roman Saturnalia Festival) are also imports. Also, it’s amazing how many local mythological critters morphed into Catholic saints and demons.

Kirk, not surprisingly, gets it back assward:

“In the 9th century, the Roman Catholic Church shifted the date of All Saints’ Day to 1 November, while 2 November later became All Souls’ Day. Over time, Samhain and All Saints’/All Souls’ merged and helped to create the modern Halloween.”

On the costume aspect of Halloween, Kirk has some thoughts:

“When you go out on Halloween and see all people dressed in costumes and see someone in a great big bobble-head Obama costume with great big ears and an Obama face, are they honoring him or poking fun? They are poking fun at him. … Early on, Christians would dress up in costumes as the devil, ghosts, goblins and witches precisely to make the point that those things were defeated and overthrown by the resurrected Jesus Christ. The costumes poke fun at the fact that the devil and other evils were publicly humiliated by Christ at His resurrection.”

So, I guess he believes that Obama is one of the devils or other evils that J.C. humiliated.

And then there are the “trick-or-treaters”:

“You can give them Gospel tracts and tell the story of how every ghost, goblin, witch and demon was trounced the day Jesus rose from the grave,”

I’m sure that will thrill the neighborhood six-year olds.

But, don’t worry, you can still party hardy.

“You should have the biggest party on your block, and you should have the reason for everyone to come to your house and before anyone else’s house because yours is the most fun. Halloween gives you a great opportunity to show how Christians celebrate the day that death was defeated.”

Well, I have to admit. It does sound like one scary party.

One question: If the “Christians” win the war on Halloween, does that mean I have to give up my annual pumpkin patch vigil for the Great Pumpkin?great-pumpkin-4

Birth Control Bosses Coming to Your State?

Pílula-masculinaI spent my high school and college years as a moderately conservative Mormon lad living in Mesa, Arizona. At the time, Mesa (pop 25,000) was 2/3-3/4 Mormon and mostly conservative Republican. One of my best friend’s father was a Republican state rep and the love of my life’s family was close friends with the Goldwaters.

Now, bear in mind, that these were the Republicans of the late 50’s and 60’s, not the party of today’s troglodytes. Nevertheless, even back then, they had some tendencies that tended to rub me a bit raw, like “right-to-work” laws, and some not-so-subtle racism.

After college, I left (escaped) and grew up. For a while, I assumed Arizona had grown up a bit as well. After all, they elected Raul Castro (Hispanic, but not the Cuban dude, or the Bolivian soccer player) and Bruce Babbitt (Dem Lib) as governors. True, they also elected Ev Mecham, but they dumped his ass mid-term.

However, as you’ve probably noticed over the past few years, instead of growing up, the state has mentally regressed. There’s been reams and reams written about some of their excesses, like the “Papers Please” law. (SB 1070), or their anti-gay bill (SB 1062) that was so odoriferous that Jan Brewer (aka the Wicked Witch of the SW) vetoed it.

Sorry to add to the electronic paper pile, but there’s another mound of elephant scat that could stand a little airing. (BYO gas masks.)

This law (HB 2625) states that any woman who requests contraceptive coverage has to swear that it doesn’t have anything to do with birth control. (Yeah, Right!)  Not only that, but the law allows employers the right to deny insurance coverage for contraception based on their mythological beliefs. (Sorry, Jesus & Allah freaks. “Religion” is just a word for a current prevailing mythology and that’s all any of them have ever been.)

This isn’t the first time Repugnuts have passed a bill stating that someone’s mythological beliefs were more important than someone else’s rights. The aforementioned SB 1062 had the same premise.

What’s surprising isn’t that it’s a Repugnut promoted law, it’s that it was introduced by a WOMAN. (Kind of makes me believe the “Stepford Wives” has some basis in reality.) step2Not only that, but this time around, the Wicked Witch of the SW signed the bill.

The bill’s sponsor, one Debbie Lesko (Debbie?? hmmm) frames it as all about the first amendment and freedom of religion. (Conveniently ignoring freedom from religion). She also somehow forgets about the employee’s right of privacy. (She probably doesn’t think they have any privacy rights.)

“Government should not be telling the organizations or mom-and-pop employers to do something against their moral beliefs. I believe we live in America. We don’t live in the Soviet Union.”

Organizations have moral beliefs? Well, I guess since the (Not-so) Supremes ruled that corporations are people, and people have beliefs…… And now, after Hobby Lobby really blew the gates open, look out!! The theocracy is gaining strength.

Also, someone should probably inform Debbie that we don’t live in Iran either.

So what does this have to do with you? After all, this is Arizona, where brains go to shrivel up from the heat.

Ahh, but in many ways, Arizona is the California of Repugnut controlled states. This is where nutty trends are born. Granted, not all of them, but a lot of them.

So, this could be coming to a state near you. MAYBE YOURS!!!

If your state government is infected with Repugnuts, you have an opportunity to eliminate a lot of these pests come election day. The same goes for the federal government. If the Repugs gain the senate, the U.S. may become AZ.

Actually, it really won’t. (Hooray for the veto!) However, they’ll spend so much time, effort and money trying, that very little else will get done.